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【Kuching Food Paradise】Avenue Food Garden

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【Kuching Food Paradise】Avenue Food Garden


Avenue Food Garden, located just next to the infamous charcoal fried kueh tiaw deserves being called a food paradise due to the number of foods they are offering you here! Grilled Chicken Wings, Kueh Tiaw, Kolo Mee, ABC, you name it, they have it.


To be more specific, Avenue Food Garden is located opposite Vivacity Megamall. Just drive down the road and you’ll spot this huge sign stating “Avenue Car Wash” and you’ll be sure to notice the food court in the same compound. If the parking inside the compound is full, you could actually park at the shophouses (SOHO) and walk to the food court through a passage (metal staircase) provided.



Avenue Food Garden began its business November to complement the car wash service with wide range of delicious foods~


To start, we have the juicy and perfectly grilled BBQ 3 Layer Pork. The juiciness of the meat when you take that bite will blow your mind away, coupled with the sour and spicy chilli sauce, makes it the perfect dish to start the night!



The same stall also offer the patrons BBQ Chicken Wings. The chicken wings have shiny and smooth skin coated with strong flavours as a result of the marinate, and the meat still soft, tender, and juicy. The stall operator flips the chicken wings non-stop while BBQ to ensure that the juiciness of the meat is retained.



When you’re here, do remember to try the Lok Lok! Other than the deep fried lok lok that we can find at most places, they also have vegetable skewers lok lok that comes with their delicious homemade belacan sauce.



Other than snacks and light food, they also have a lot of stalls offering you satisfying main courses. One of them is this Fried Kueh Tiaw Stall that serves deliciously cooked Taugeh Fried Kueh Tiaw and Mee. While you’re at it, add RM1 for the perfectly fried egg with runny egg yolk!



Noodles? Try out this Spicy Dry Noodles from the humble Taiwan stall. If you think the noodles will not be as spicy because it’s not very red, you’re dead wrong~ And remember to mix the noodles well or else the chilli mixture at the bottom of the bowl will burn the roof of your mouth!



If you’re not a fan of spicy noodles, then we advise that you try out the Beef Soup Noodle.



Other than spicy noodle and beef noodle, of course you can also find all time Kuchingites favourite, the Kolo Mee here at Avenue Food Garden. But why try the normal Kolo Mee when you can try this Homemade Q Mee + Wanton with rich scallion taste and generous amount of Wanton and BBQ Pork?



Of course, you could also order their Wanton separately too~!



For something lighter, we recommend the Yong Tau Hu with flavourful light broth and fresh homemade ingredients. Other than their delicious Yong Tau Hu, you can also have porridge here too~ Sometimes a simple porridge with a piece of egg is enough to satisfy a hungry stomach don’t you agree?



Since we call it a food paradise, so of course they need to have a lot of different types of foods including western food! When you don’t know which one to go for, the best choice is always Chicken Chop~ Their juicy chicken chop is one of my favourite~



After a fulfilling dinner, the best way to end is to have ice cold desserts such as the ABC and the Milo Oreo~



So, what are you waiting for? Gather your friends and head over to Avenue Food Garden tonight~!



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