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【Kuching Must Eat】Best Waffles & Ice Cream in Town!

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We Kuchingites used to have waffles with kaya, butter, and some other spreads. But when Dot Waffles and Desserts Cafe began its operation back in May 2014, they’ve completely changed the game and instantly became well known and loved by many. Even now, Dots is still crowded with many people that are either there to grab a bite of their delicious ice cream & waffles, or just to hang out with their friends and families…


For those of you who have yet came to know this humble little cafe, then I’m so sorry that this delicious waffle is absent from your life for the past few years…


And now, let’s dive straight into the main topic, the waffles!


First we have the Waffle Classic. The fluffy waffle with crispy skin is drizzled with powdered sugar and chocolate syrup makes the perfect companion for a cup of perfectly brewed coffee~ (─‿‿─)♡




Next we have the Waffle Ice Cream (Syrup). The same phenomenal waffle topped with soft served ice cream and drizzled with syrup. Some may prefer spreading the ice cream all over the waffles, but this is make the ice cream melt faster. So, the best way to enjoy this dish is to cut a piece of waffle and spread some ice cream on top of it.





Other than syrup, you can also have this Waffle Ice Cream (Oreo) where the waffle is topped with ice cream and crushed oreo cookies for an extra layer of texture and satisfaction.





When Dot just started, they made quite an impression by offering Kuchingites Waffles, Ice Cream, and fruits. It was very common to hear people asking about the waffle store with strawberries and banana, which is one other reason why everyone love their waffles.


Banana and ice cream goes perfectly well together, which is why you must also try out this Waffle Ice Cream (Banana). Sweet slices of banana coupled with soft served ice cream and warm waffles, is there even a word to describe this satisfaction?



There’s also the Waffle Ice Cream (Peach) waiting for you here at Dots.





It’s a shame that they ran out of strawberries when we went there the other day, but I strongly urge that you must ask for it and see if you’re lucky.


Okay, you can stop drooling now. Yes, wipe your drools away and… start ajak your kawan and family liao~~~!!!


Stay tuned to Teaspoon as we will bring you all around Kuching looking for the delicious Kuching Must Eats every Wednesday!!






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Dot Waffles and Desserts Cafe
ST3 Shopping Mall, G8, Jalan Simpang Tiga, 93350 Kuching, Malaysia