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The Best Beef Noodle In Kuching?

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Beef Noodles at its best? We’ve tried their food and I can assure you they are not one bit being exaggerating. Where? Nuromen!


Nuromen, which literally means Beef Noodles in its Mandarin pronunciation, was established at the end of 2015 and since then served many happy customers their delicious delicious beefy menu~




Located at Jalan Chan Chin Ann, Nuromen offers their patrons a comfortable dining experience by installing air-conditioning to promote proper air ventilation at it’s spacious and relaxing environment. The glass panels replace conventional brick walls to allow more natural light to shine through, all while providing a modern and clean look to the place.




All the food ingredients prepared are purchased fresh daily. A large amount of these freshly bought ingredients such as the bones along with some other secret herbs are used to prepare the soup base. According to the owner, the aroma of the soup base comes completely from the bones and not one bit of artificial beef stock is used.


First, we have the Nuromen Hotpot Platter that comes with a pot of beef soup base and 6 different ingredients including Beef slices imported from New Zealand, tripe, stewed beef, and assorted vegetables. One way to enjoy this is dish to by enjoying the separate elements one by one, or you can put all of the 6 ingredients in the pot and enjoy your pot of pure HAPPINESS. The hotpot platter comes with a choice of 2 pax and 4 pax too, thus you can share this pot of pure happiness with your friends and families~ (ノ≧∀≦)ノ








Next we would like to (highly) recommend the Beef Noodles Soup with Sous Vide Egg. Other than the attractive looking sliced beef, the delicious soup and noodles, there’s a piece of ‘jewel’ in the middle of the bowl. This is no ordinary poached egg, but a Sous Vide Egg. A lot of skill and practice is required to perfect this beauty. The egg whites are perfectly tender all the way through while the egg yolk golden, warm, and ready to flow.




Of course, being a beef noodle shop and all, you can also find the beef noodles that we all love with the Beef Noodles Special. A dry bowl of noodles coupled with another densely packed bowl of pure happiness. Seriously, I keep equating their beef and soup to pure happiness because it’s true! One sip, one bite, and all those stress and negative emotions from life will instantly disappear.




They also have the normal Beef Noodles without the freshly sliced beef. But hey, a true foodie gotta have the best they have to offer am I right?


If you’re not feeling up for noodles, then you should really try out their All-in Beef Rice Bowl with Ssam Sauce. The bowl of rice may look ordinary, but the first bite you take after mixing the sauteed sliced beef, minced beef, salted vege, and the rice together will blow your mind. Sour, sweet, salty, and the crunchy texture produced by the salted vege. and bean sprouts all in one mouthful will leave you speechless. SPEECHLESS.




If you don’t take beef, Nuromen also welcomes you with open arms. The owner understands this so he created food items with chicken such as the BBQ Chicken Rice Bowl with Ssam Sauce. Where you can have this specially marinated chicken cubes barbecued to perfection replacing the beef in the beef rice bowl mentioned earlier.




Other than rice, you can also enjoy this delicious Classic Chicken Porridge here at Nuromen! We know how porridge comes perfectly together with cakoi, but at Nuromen you can have their delicious porridge with garlic bread (toast)? Surprisingly, these 2 makes a perfect match as well! Other than the garlic bread, the porridge is also topped with crispy chicken skin that adds an interesting texture to the dish.




All the dishes served at Nuromen leave a deep impact and on top of that, the prices are super reasonable. And let’s not forget to mention the place is very well ventilated and equipped with air-conditioning!


Ajak your kawans and hop to Nuromen NOW~~











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