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Heavenly Tong Shui and Desserts? Only at Heavenly Pandan Cafe~~

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Heavenly Pandan Cafe is as it’s name implies, a food heaven with the heavenly flavours of pandan... The Cafe was established back in December 2015, and still a lot of people does not know of this wonderful place to have Breakfast and Hi-Tea… They have traditional kuihs, traditional desserts, and a wide array of Tong Shui waiting to satisfy your cravings~~


Which is why we would like to once again share with you how amazing is the foods here at Heavenly Pandan Cafe~~


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The humble little cafe is located at Jalan Sekama, next to Lido Star. Don’t worry if you cannot find any parking space in front of the cafe, you could also park at the carpark behind the place, FYI, there’s plenty more there.


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As you stepped in the cafe, your nose will be directly ‘assaulted’ with rich aroma of pandan leaves. The spacious and air-conditioned cafe just keeps delivering the pandan aroma to your nose, making you crave for their pandan infused foods, such as their signature Bubur Cha-Cha.


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I know when you heard of the name, you can instantly imagine the soft taro, sweet potato, and the sago being covered with the sweet and condensed soup and slides down your throat to create the perfect satisfaction. And I can assure you that what you’ve imagined right there is exactly what the Bubur Cha-Cha at Heavenly Pandan Cafe promises to deliver~~


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For a simple and satisfying breakfast, I’m sure Lek Tau Suan is also one of your favourite. Cakoi dipped in thick and sweet gravy with very soft mung beans. Take that and couple it with a cup of authentic Black Bean Coffee, I mean… can your breakfast really get any better than this?


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For a wider variety of choices for your breakfast, you should really try out their traditional Assorted Kueh. All these handmade kuihs, like every other foods in the cafe is infused with the heavenly pandan flavours and a lot of delicate skills to create these tiny pieces of perfection.


kuih (2)



When it comes to breakfast, how can there not be toast? Here at Heavenly Pandan Cafe, you are offered with not just simple Roti Kahwin, but perfectly toasted Bread Cube with homemade Kaya spread~ The bread cubes are so delicious that you will finish it with or without coffee, and without you even realizing you are holding the last cube on your hands.


toast (2)


For something a little less full, you could try out their Soy Beancurd. Take a spoonful and let the soft homemade tauhu-fa and a little of the sweet sweet sugar syrup slide down your throat~~ Mmmm….hmmmm! Instant satisfaction!! If you can’t take foods that are too sweet, you could also ask for the sweetness to be tuned down a little so that you can still enjoy this satisfying bowl of pure happiness~~


tauhu fa (3)

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Next on the list is the Bubur Pulut Hitam. According to the owner, this bowl of delicate desserts can no longer be found elsewhere in Kuching. It used to be her favourite desserts but since she could not find it elsewhere, she decided to make them in her cafe so that more Kuchingites can have the chance to once more enjoy this delicious Bubur Pulut Hitam.


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This dessert is made of a mixture of 100% local black rice, local black glutinous rice, and red beans, allowing the bowl of of seemingly simple dessert to produce a complex multi-layered flavour. The rich and sweet taste of the red beans will strike your taste buds first, followed by the mild aroma from brown rice at the back. Truly a hearty bowl of black porridge~~


Heavenly Pandan Cafe also have homemade Agar-Agar to further satisfy you.


agar agar (1)


After receiving multiple feedbacks from the customers, the owner decided to also launch this beautiful Nasi Lemak with Baked Pandan Chicken and the Fried Mee Siam.


Nasi Lemak with rich coconut milk flavour coupled with roasted beans, deep fried anchovies, and a perfectly baked chicken infused with the flavours of pandan? This is what I’d call a perfect plate of Nasi Lemak. Now you have another reason to visit Heavenly Pandan Cafe, am I right?


nasi lemak (3)


If you’re not feeling a little rice-y, you could also opt for their Fried Mee Siam. This dish of rice vermicelli that is said to originated from either the Malay and Peranakan communities is very popular in Singapore and Malaysia. And, best of all, it can be found here at Heavenly Pandan Cafe~


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So, there you have it. Of course, there are also other foods that can be found here at Heavenly Pandan Cafe, but those are up to you to explore. But one things is for sure, you will not step on and ‘landmines’ on any of the foods items here at Heavenly Pandan Cafe.


Ajak your friends, families, your loved one, and head over to Heavenly Pandan Cafe!


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