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Meat Up’s Latest Lunch Set!!

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Meat Up is here with their latest lunch set! The CHEAPEST set will only cost you RM10! That’s right! You could enjoy their delicious meals for as low as RM10! And it includes an ice cold drink too!!



Time to ajak your kawan, and head over to Mall 2 at CityOne! If you haven’t been to Meat Up and you still can’t find the place, just walk over to Starbucks at Mall 2 and walk a little bit around the place and tada~!   




After massive request from the customers, Meat Up rolled out this super affordable lunch set to reward their loyal customers, as well as to offer you who have not a chance to try out their foods, one to. I mean, how can you let this go to waste? Only RM10 weiii~~


Their hottest item on the Lunch Set Menu is this Chicken Chop with Rice! Juicy, tender, and perfectly grilled chicken chop coupled with delicious raisin rice and coleslaw on top of an ice cold drinks? And all this for only RM10!!! And the chicken chop is quite large portion too!




Other than the Chicken Chop, they also have the Fish with Rice which also costs only RM10!!! Crispy deep fried fish coupled with delicious Tartar sauce just makes this dish as amazing as the Chicken Chop!




For the third item on the Lunch Menu offer, they have this stunning Lamb Chop with Rice! Although it costs RM18, and is slightly more expensive than the other 2, but this is definitely worth every penny! The tender and juicy lamb is just what you need to go through the rest of the day with full charge~!





Of course, other than the set menu, Meat Up also have tons of other delicious foods! For starters, they have this Tomyam Spaghetti that is out of this world. Spicy and flavourful tomyam paste coupled with the smooth spaghetti makes a perfect harmony despite how unusual it may sound.





If you’re not up for Tomyam yet craving for something spicy, you could opt for their Aglio Olio!





For something else a little bit new, they also have Spaghetti in Mamak Style! This spaghetti is made with 11 types of spices~~





Other than the Chicken Chop with Rice, you could also enjoy their delicious Chicken Chop, that is, by the way, massive massive portion! Perfectly grilled chicken chop with crispy skin and tender juicy chicken meats? Plain awesome~~ o(≧ω≦)o



Another choice of chicken is this Roasted Spring Chicken, if you remember it from our last post~ If you don’t, it’s time you order one and try them out for yourself.




You know what? Wouldn’t it be great if there’s some light sides to go along the delicious main courses? Then you’ll probably need a hot bowl of Mushroom Soup! Which, again, by the way, absolutely phenomenal…




Some other sides that you could get from Meat Up is of course, French Fries and these Korean Fried Chicken with Garlic Sauce. Deep fried chicken with their own special garlic sauce, and finished with white wine, the taste is just absolutely perfection. It is even crispy after it is cold!







Also also, let’s not forget to mention their Deep Fried Ice Fish (White Bait). This is perfect with beer, for your information~~~




Looking for a place Meet Up and catch up with your friends and families? Meat Up la~!










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Meat Up Kitchen & Bar
No. 49&50, Ground Floor, Mall 2, Cityone Megamall, No.1 Jalan Song, 93350 Kuching.