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Enjoy Delicious Chinese Cuisine & Sing Your Lungs Out at Joy-I Palace!!!

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Joy-I Palace is one of the best restaurant in Kuching that offers delicious Guangdong and Foochow Fusion Style Chinese Cuisine~! Other than being famous for one of the favourite spot for wedding and birthday dinners, Joy-I Palace also have a few Private Rooms fully equipped with air-conditioning and Karaoke system where you can enjoy satisfying lunch and dinner with your friends and families!


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The Karaoke system is open for FREE with a minimum spending of RM400! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ


Joy-I Palace is hidden deep inside the Petanak area, if you’ve never even driven inside here, you won’t even know there’s a beautifully renovated, high standard Chinese restaurant here! The private rooms are located at the Ground Floor, while the multi-purpose ballroom that can fit 52 tables can be found at the First Floor of the premise.


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Joy-I Palace hired a chef from Hong Kong with over 35 years experience in the culinary field with authentic Guangdong style being his forte. To cope with the taste of the locals, Joy-I instilled Foochow style cooking to the dishes! Resulting in a delicious Guangdong Foochow Fusion Chinese cuisine~~~~


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Joy-I prepared a few of their signature dishes for us the other day, and let’s start with the awesome Singapore Style Sour & Spicy Prawns with Deep Fried Mantou (星洲酸辣明虾+炸花包). The huge and fresh prawns cooked in a sweet, sour, and spicy sauce will make you drool the instant the dish is served. The taste of the prawn will blast open your appetite with no mercy… Take a bite of that prawn clamped in between the crispy mantou, and you’re now in HEAVEN!!!


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Seriously, this dish is really that good!!


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Next, we have the Dong Po Pork Manicai (东坡肉Mani菜) that charmed our hearts and taste buds!! The huge 3 layer pork is simmered under strong heat and pressure that the soft and butter like meat melts as soon as you put them in your mouth. Other than the pork, the manicai is also very rich in flavour as a result from the delicious gravy and the juice from the pork… And by the way, you need to be prepared because with this dish, you will chomp down more than one bowl of rice for sure.


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Prawn, Pork, now, FISH!



The Teochew Steamed Asian Sea Bass (潮式明炉金目鲈)! The presentation of the dish may look spicy, but trust me, it’s not. Rather, the dish has a very light broth which goes perfectly with the fresh and tender fish meat. The dish is also kept hot so that you can taste the freshness of the fish even if you’ve been singing the whole time the dish is served.


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Soup? Sea Cucumber? Why not try something different? Something like this Braised Shark Fin Soup (红烧金钱翅)! Crispy and delicious shark fin coupled with perfectly seasoned soup base? Delicious delicious delicious!


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For something even more high class, you should try this Goose Feet with Sea Cucumber (鹅掌海参). This dish is very difficult to find, and the ones here at Joy-I Palace is confirmed to be the most authentic all over Kuching.


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If you would like to organize your wedding dinner or any other occasion that will take more than 20 tables, you can have free Estrella beer provided for the dinner! They also have this offer for buffet as well.


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Whether you’re a Kuchingite, or just a foodie hunting for delicious foods in Kuching, we seriously recommend that you try out Joy-I Palace. I mean, Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so be quick and book a table for your family at 013-8756666!


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