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【Kuching Must Eat: Hui’s Hainan Chicken Rice】

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Chicken Rice is one of the best comfort food for us Kuchingites, and if you’re looking for authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice, then we would like to introduce you this crazy famous and delicious Hainanese Chicken Rice made by a pure Hainanese!




The recipe of the authentic Hainanese chicken rice is passed down for generations, and the current operator of the stall, Ah Hui is the 4th generation. Although he is already the 4th, the taste of the steamed chicken, the scallion rice, the chilli, is still as superb as it can be.




We are seriously not exaggerating about the chicken rice. The chicken rice stall starts their operation at 10.30 am, but there are more than many occasions where the chicken rice is completely sold out by 12.30 pm! Some of the times, the chicken rice was sold out in merely an hour from the start of operation. How crazy is that?




When it is crowded, people are willing to queue for a plate of this delicious chicken rice too… You will too! Once you’ve tasted their chicken rice once, the next time you go, you won’t even be complaining about the queue because all you can think about is that plate of delicious Hainanese Chicken Rice.


Enough about the awe and how legendary is the chicken rice! Let’s dive straight into the food intro~~!


The stall offer chicken breast and chicken thigh meat, where each of them are sold at RM 5 and RM 6 respectively. And, of course we went for the tender and smooth thigh meat…




The chicken meat is very tender and smooth that it is almost unbelievable… The steamed chicken carries along with it slight fragrance of sesame oil. The steamed chicken is topped with some refreshing and crunchy pickled cucumber that has the ability to spike your appetite for another plate.


Other than the tender chicken meat, the rice is also an important factor as of why this chicken rice is so famous. Perfectly cooked rice with rich scallion taste… a spoonful of rice topped with a piece of that delicious steamed chicken? Awesome!!!



The stall starts their operation from 10.30 am until they are sold out. So be quick! Also, they are OFF every Monday~~




Feeling hungry yet? 😏😏😏






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