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38 Food Street: The Round Table, for Foods!

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If you’re looking for a place to find all the delicious foods all over kuching in one place, 38 Food Street is definitely the place to be. The food stalls at 38 Food Street are food stalls that are famous and has a long history in the food industry. Some of the food stalls even have 10 to 20 years of experience in making the food they are selling. That is also the reason 38 Food Street is always jam packed with unlimited hungry hungry Kuchingites~


Beef noodles, Foochow Stir Fried, Kolo Mee, Laksa, Pizza, Western foods, Chicken rice, BBQ rice, Porridge, Kuih, Rojak, Lok Lok, Ayam Penyet, and many many many more!! You can come to 38 Food Street everyday and you will still not be able to try all the different foods! ㄟ(≧∀≦ㄟ)


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38 Food Street, being located at iCom Square, offers their patrons a wide range of food choices, and seating that can fit over 200 people. On top of that, they are open for 24 hours! One other reason the place is always jam packed with people is that despite having so many delicious foods being offered under one roof, the price of the foods are of normal kopitiam standard. Awesome isn’t is?!


Foods? Of course! Let’s get into it right away! And let’s start with the Porridge~




This porridge stall is very famous for their cooking method using charcoal. The slow cooking process with charcoal allows the porridge to become more dense and mushy, and when coupled with the fresh ingredients prepared everyday, the porridge prepared are just plain wonderful. 2 of their most popular porridges are the Preserved Egg + Salted Egg Lean Meat Porridge and the Epinephelus Porridge~


Other than the porridge, I believe most of you foodies out there will recognize this Western food stall, Amaterasu Pizza! They have in store for you an unbelievable array of choices of food including the Bolognese Chicken Chop, Mixed Mushroom Wrap (vegetarian), and the Pollo Chicken 8-inch Pizza~~!


western food stall (6)

western food stall (2)

western food stall (3)

western food stall (7)


Craving for roasted chicken or pork rice? Then you would need to try out the JPH Roasted which offers you authentic Ipoh style roasted chicken, duck, pork, and more! Every dish ordered from this stall is simply worth the money because they are just irresistibly mouth watering~~


ipoh roasted chicken rice


While you’re at it, be sure not to miss the delicious Chicken rice from the famous Hock King Chicken Rice~~ Their smooth and tender Steam Chicken Rice, crispy and delicious Roasted Chicken Rice, and the sides such as the Thai Style Chicken Feet that they have in store for you will satisfy you and your group in one go!


hock king chicken rice


Craving for deep fried chicken rice for lunch and dinner? Then KL Chicken Chop Rice is perfect for you~!


Kl chicken chop rice


Of course 38 Food Street have a lot more than chicken rice. For example, this! The Pork Leg Rice with over 25 years of experience! Other than the Pork Leg Rice, their Kueh Chap is also very good~~


Kueh chap and pork leg rice (2)

Kueh chap and pork leg rice (3)


Even if you’re craving for something spicy, 38 Food Street have you covered with this Ayam Penyet with over 10 years experience! This Ayam Penyet can be said as one of the most delicious in Kuching~~ After the Ayam Penyet, of course la need to try their Ayam Bakar also!


ayam penyet


Next we have the Muslim stall which offers delicious Roti Tisu, Mee Goreng Pattaya, and the Lamb Shank Rice! In this stall alone, you can eat for 70 days straight and you still won’t be able to finish all the dishes that they have prepared for you.


roti canai stall (2)

roti canai stall (3)

roti canai stall (7)

roti canai stall (1)


And now, the noodles. To start, we have the Beef Noodles made by an owner with 20 years experience! The beef noodle prepared by an owner with 20 years experience is just as awesome as you can imagine, the beef tender and juicy, the tendon chewy and delicious, the amount of the beef in the soup, simply generous!  


1beef nodles (2)


Other than beef noodles, you can find the famous Batu Kawa Fish Ball here at 38 Food Street too! Now you no longer need to drive all the way to the Batu Kawa town for those delicious homemade fish balls~


batu kawa fish ball_1


Kolo Mee? Of course they have it here also la! If you’re searching for delicious Seafood Soup with Noodles, look no further, because you’ve found it.


kolo mee


Want Foochow style cooking ah? No problem~~! They also have authentic Foochow food here at 38 Food Street such as this Foochow Mee with rich and intense taste of white wine…


3 stir fried (2)

3 stir fried (3)


As for the Laksa stall, they have not only small, medium, and large, they also have a Giant Laksa with huge prawn, which is by the way, fresh and delicious!




Char Kueh for breakfast seems like a good choice also isn’t it? Other than Sweet and Salty Char Kueh, they also have these deliciously cooked Char Kueh Tiaw too~


cha kueh and char kueh tiaw

char kueh and char kueh tiaw  (1)


Chee Cheong Fun? And it’s the same kind of Chee Cheong Fun as the one from KL? Seriously?! Seriously! They have it here! Where else can you find this in Kuching~~? They also have delicious Nasi Lemak Curry Chicken at the same stall too~~


nasi lemak and chee chong fun (1)

nasi lemak and chee chong fun (4)


For those of you with smaller appetite, you will also find their Dim Sum being perfect for your breakfast~



Also, also, Kuih!!!



Or you can go for the Brick Toast with new and creative toppings for breakfast~


toast (1)

toast (2)


For a more special western breakfast, then you need to try these~ The Ham x Egg with Spring Onion + Cheese and the Ham x Egg Sandwich + Cheese from the American Breakfast Stall, Just Do Eat~


2 western breakfast stall (1)

2 western breakfast stall (2)


You know what would make a good afternoon snack? Rojak and Lok Lok la~~  


lok lok and rojak (1)

lok lok and rojak (2)


Of course, we all need some Fruits to finish our meals, in which they have a lot for you to choose from~~ 




If you haven’t been to 38 Food Street at iCom Square, now you really need to!

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