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Kuching Must Eat: Authentic Teochew Kueh Chap

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Kueh Chap, one favourite local delicacies that Kuchingites love as much as Kolo Mee & Laksa.




If you don’t know what a Kueh Chap is. It is actually a mix of Flat Rice Noodles (known as Kueh), in a pork stew consisting of various pork innards and different parts of pork meats - where the ‘Chap’ literally translate to Mix.




One Kueh Chap in town that you really have to try in Kuching is this Teochew style Kueh Chap with over 32 years experience (since 1985), located at Woon Lam Cafe at Jalan Song Thian Ceok~~





If you haven’t had the chance to try out this kueh chap, you must be wondering how is this kueh chap different, or frankly, what’s so special about this Kueh Chap?




For starters, the soup - which I personally thinks is one of the most important element in a Kueh Chap, is very light and broth. From the light colours of the soup itself, it is already very obvious that the soup won’t be of heavy soy sauce taste. Rather, the savoury soup of this delicious Kueh Chap will make you carry a satisfying smug from one end to the other~




If you’re not a fan of those Kueh Chap with heavy soup, then you must try this one. IF you’re a big big fan of Kueh Chap with heavy soup, then we HIGHLY recommend that you try out this one and we guarantee that you’ll love the soup very much as well.




Some refer to this kueh chap as Woon Lam Kueh Chap, while some other refer it as ‘Lao San’ Kueh Chap, which is what the Chinese families usually called the third child in the family. And after asking the owner, he told us that the stall was without a name despite being popular, hence he came out with this name Lao San.


Other than being super friendly, the owner is also very strict in the freshness in the food ingredients. Every morning, the owner will select and purchase fresh pork. Of course, he also agrees that it is much more work, but only with this can he guarantee that he can use the best food ingredients to prepare a bowl of delicious Kueh chap to his customers.


And guess what, the pork meat and the innards are really fresh and delicious!! The pork meats are very tender and well marinated, and in addition to it bathing in the light soup of the Kueh Chap, the freshness and the fragrance of the pork is even more obvious. The same goes to the pork innards! One thing that is really special is that the pork skin here is quite crispy. The pork skin breaks easily with one bite, so that you won’t be chewing for a long time and it still won’t break.







As mentioned earlier, the owner will select and purchase only fresh pork everyday. After that, the owner will marinate and prepare the pork purchased for one whole afternoon! I guess that explains why the pork and pork innards here are as delicious as it is.




A lot of Kuching Foodie who’ve tried the Kueh Chap here will tell you that the owner is very generous with the amount of food ingredients, on top of it being not very expensive as well!




So, Kueh Chap anyone? 😏😏😏




They are open from 7.30am to 12pm daily, and are closed on Tuesdays!


Other than the Kueh Chap, this Char Kueh from the stall next to the Kueh Chap stall is also highly recommended!




Oh! Before I forget, for the Kueh Chap… you might want to brace yourself and be very patience when the place is very crowded, or when they just started their operation early in the morning. Good food is always worth the wait.




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