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【The Garden in the City? The Garden by Serapi!】

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Today we would like to introduce you this new little Garden in the Kuching city known as The Garden by Serapi.





As the name implies, The Garden is a beautiful new restaurant located at Brighton Square that is covered with a lot of greens to make you feel as one with the nature in this little busy cat city we call home.





Other than the physical outlook of the place, The Garden also uses a lot of natural and fresh produce in their foods. Whether it’s their main courses, desserts, or even the breads, all are prepared using the freshest ingredients at their disposal. Some of these ingredients includes their famous Kelulut Honey from their self-bred stingless bees and the self planted Figs.




The Garden features foods that focuses on various Nusantara culture. The chef himself often travels to the neighbouring countries on a quest to look for more delicious recipe and ingredients to be implemented in the already incredible menu.




Before we get started, you will need to know that the foods here are mostly for sharing purposes. So you can bring a group of people, order a few of their delicious dishes and a few extra plates of rice~




First up we have the Grilled Australian Lamb Slab Masala. This may be the best lamb curry that I’ve tasted in my whole life! The rack of lamb is grilled to perfection, then rinsed with gravy with super fragrant spices that goes perfectly well with the rice! The dish is also perfect to go along their delicious and fluffy Hainan bread too!





Then we have the Singapore Soft Shell Chili Crab that also goes perfectly well with rice! The combination between the fresh soft shell crab and the gravy is so delicious that you can hardly hold yourself from ordering a second plate.





Next is something that we have never tried before, the Kerabu Beef Tripe Bakar. The dish, being an appetizer and all, is very refreshing with mild sour and spicy taste all over the dish. We could not tell what we were eating as the tripe is really clean. Only after the chef told us that we came to realize that we were eating beef tripe.





After the refreshing beef tripe, we jump right into the Nyonya Rendang Beef Ribs which also charmed our hearts with the special and unique Rendang sauce and the soft and tender beef ribs. The beef ribs is cooked for a long period of time that it is soooo tender and sooooo soft that it is almost unbelievable!




For a satisfying meal, try out this Udang Galah ”Tom Yam Putih” that comes with a huge piece of prawn and tons of other types of seafood!




All the dishes above is best enjoyed with your friends and families and even your loved ones.  However, if you’re looking for single items to be enjoyed all on your own, you could also order some of their exciting food items such as the Spicy Soft Shell Crab Pasta Aglio Olio. This Aglio Olio is cooked with beef and then topped with a super satisfying deep fried soft shell crab!!




Other than pasta, this Nasi Kerabu Ayam Percik is also very tempting! We were told that this is one of the popular dishes that became the favourite of many of their customers. And we can assure you that this Nasi Kerabu is as authentic as it can get, we also can assure you that it is worth every penny!






You can also order the Ayam Percik on its own with the Ayam Kampung Percik. Then you can share this delicious dish with more people la~~





For something less heavy, try out their Smoked Chicken and Cos Salad which features their self-planted Figs. The crunchiness of the veggie coupled with the salad dressings will satisfy you as well as the other delicious dishes available at The Garden.




And finally, we can introduce their desserts!


The first on stage is the Chocolate Lava with Vanilla Ice Cream. This chocolate lava cake is perfectly executed that the molten chocolate inside the cake oozes out when you split the cake in half… If the chocolate is not sweet enough for you, the vanilla ice cream is there to escalate the humble dessert further!




Other than the Chocolate Lava cake, this Green Tea, Madu Kelulut and Fig Opera Cake is also one of the dessert that will melt your heart! The sweetness of the cake and the harmony between the different flavours will stun you and leave your heart melted the moment you take a bite.




If you think that The Garden can only offer you a wide range of cakes, you are gravely mistaken! The pastry chef of The Garden is also capable of producing excellent tarts and tons of other delicious pastries. Some of them include this Blueberry Baked Cheese Tart and these delicate looking Macaroons~~





It’s not easy to find delicious looking cookies for afternoon tea, especially if you’re not looking for them at The Garden. The capable pastry chefs at The Garden also offer these Our Home Made Cookies for you to go along your tea~~




While you’re here, be sure not to let their Hainanese Bread slip through your hands. The Hainanese bread are made using traditional methods without the addition of any artificial ingredients, and yet they are still very F~L~U~F~F~Y~ and delicious!




The Garden by Serapi is the best to go whether you’re looking for delicious lunch and dinner, Hi-Tea, Birthday party, Anniversary, or if you’re just looking for a place to hangout with your friends, families, and loved ones.





Be sure to share this article with your friends so that you can ajak them to go along with you!














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