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【The FIRST Guilt-FREE Ice Cream in Asia?】WheyChillin Ice Cream!

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Rejoice Kuchingites! For we have the first guilt-free ice cream in Asia here in Kuching! Where? You mean whey… WheyChillin Ice Cream at 101~~!!







WheyChillin is offering Kuchingites a chance to eat as much ice cream as possible without one tiny bit of guilt! This is because the ice creams at WheyChillin is made using Xylitol, Skim Milk, and Whey Powder that contains super low amount of fat, no added sugar, high in protein, as well as low in calories. Before you take a step back, you’ll be glad to know that whey is 100% natural and can be digested easily and rapidly!





Nearly 2 years of research is spent to produce this guilt free ice cream at WheyChillin. For every scoop of Whey ice cream you consume, there’s only 1% fat in it! I mean seriously, how can an ice cream lover not love WheyChillin??


Despite being super healthy, the ice creams at WheyChillin is also ridiculously delicious~~~~!! ...on top of the wide variety of ice creams that they have in store for you~~




To start, savour yourself in their bite sized ice cream chocolate, the Screaming Bites. 3 of their signature flavoured ice cream - vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, wrapped with a delicious chocolate coating of the same flavour. One bite, and the other 5 pieces will be gone in no time!





The main ice cream flavours at WheyChillin are Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, and Matcha.. You could of course have them by Scoops, but if you think that’s all they have to offer you… you’d be wrong~




WheyChillin takes their 4 ice cream flavours and escalate them to their creative flavours in their Signature Waffle Mix! What they did is that they take their ice cream base and mix them with tons of creative ingredients such as fruits, cookies, and more to create new and exciting flavours!




One example of the more popular Waffle Mix is this Vangomelo that features a mix of vanilla ice cream with fresh Mango and Pomelo bits, resulting in an irresistible refreshing taste!






If you’re a fan of chocolate, then this Chocolatti Overloads is the perfect mix for you! Chocolate whey ice cream mixed with Homemade Brownies, Chocolate Chips, and Marshmallows? AW3SOM3!!






For something even more special, you can order this Matcha-Matcha! This special Matcha flavoured whey ice cream is imported from Japan and the matcha flavour is so pure that a matcha lover like you will never let of of the cup! This Matcha ice cream is made without the addition of milk, making the matcha taste as pure as it can get.





WheyChillin have their ice creams coated in delicious milk chocolate crusts, the ice cream mix, and these Cookies Sandwich ice creams!







Wait, what’s this? Ice Cream Cakes?! Woohoooooo~~~! Yes! WheyChillin also have their delicious whey ice creams made into these even more wouth-matering, ∑(O_O;) I mean mouth-watering cakes! *drooling*





You can stop drooling, and also stop swallowing saliva. Take your keys and head over to WheyChillin liaw~~~! The ice creams are healthy, comes in a lot of flavours, and they are wayyyy cheaper than they should be. Seriously, ajak your friends and head over there right now!


List of Price:

「Scoop Ice-cream Medium - RM 6.80」

「Scoop Ice-cream Large - RM 9.80」

「Scoop Matcha Ice-cream Medium - RM 8.80」

「Screaming Bites 6 Pieces - RM 12.80」

「Cookies Sandwich 3 Pieces - RM 11.80」

「Signature Waffle Mix - RM 13.80」

「Matcha-Matcha Waffle Mix - RM 15.80」

「Ice-cream Cake - RM 13.80」













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