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【Kuching Must Eat】Summer House

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With the weather getting hotter and hotter lately, we figured this would be the best time to introduce Summer House in our【Kuching Must Eat】series. For most Kuchingites, this is the favourite spot to hangout in a hot afternoon for some refreshing ice cold ABC and delicious belacan beehoon. But what this place really is is a place filled with nostalgic memories.




However I’m sure there’s a whole bunch of you out there that don’t even know the place is called ‘Summer House’ because it’s the foods and the irresistible ABCs that matters! (≧◡≦)





Summer House is an old-run down building located next to the Kuching Museum. There’s very little parking space available, but a lot Kuching Foodies are willing to visit the place despite the low availability of parking spaces. Inside Summer House itself there’s not many seats, and the place is completely ventilated by the winds (if they blows).




The place is currently operated by 2 person only, so you might need to wait a while for your order to arrive. And you will be reminded again by the operators as you make your orders too.




Some of the most popular drinks of the place includes the Ang Tau Peng (Ais Kacang), ABC, ABC Special, and Cendol.






There’s also this refreshing tempting ice cold Cincau Sarsi that you could order here too.




As for the foods, you can have Rojak, Belacan Beehoon, and Laksa here.





The Rojak here is definitely one of the best in Kuching. The generous amount of ingredients of the Rojak on top of the small plate will have you worry the ingredients fall out the plate as you eat.




The Belacan Beehoon here is slightly different than that sold elsewhere. The dish is topped with cucumber, squid, and peanuts. The dish itself does not carry a very strong belacan flavour, but rather it carries with it stronger taste from the squid.





Regardless, it is still very delicious and satisfying!


The Laksa here is also very nice because the laksa soup is rich, fragrant, and is as authentic as it can get.




When was the last time you visited the place? Weather so hot, go have some shaved ice to cool off the heat la~~!







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