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【Top Notched Taste & Presentation at The Mandarin Chinese Restaurant】

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The Mandarin Chinese Restaurant, located strategically at iCom Square overlooking the streets may be one of the best Chinese restaurant in Kuching. Why? Well, other than the efforts put into the decor and the renovations, there’s also the warm hospitality from the crew, as well as the creative and delicious dishes created from the chef with over 27 years of experience in the culinary field.




All of their dishes, including some of the more special and signature items on the menu that we would like to recommend today such as the「Mango Chicken with Cheese,Hot & Cold Deluxe Appetizer,Double Flavoured Fish,Prawns Cooked with Mayonnaise, and the Mixed Vegetables Cooked with Lotus & Yam, will definitely leave a strong impression on your taste buds and on your heart. You will fall in love with the food from The Mandarin~~




The Mandarin was established back in 1995 in another building in another part of town, but the current management kept the name 2 years back and re-established the brand and moved the restaurant to where it is now. The Mandarin, situated in the multiple storey building offers a venue for multiple occasions.


For example, the 2nd Floor of the restaurant is open to all guests and even includes a few Private Rooms that can be booked without any minimum spending. On the 3rd Floor is an ample dining space that fits 28 tables which is perfect for any party, event, or wedding dinner. And finally the 4th Floor which houses a VIP Private Dining Room that can accommodate 20 customers on one table with a minimum spending of RM1500.


2nd Floor


3rd Floor


4th Floor VIP Private Room


Throughout the restaurant, you will find all these delicate decors featuring the exact embodiment of Chinese cultures, which by the way are the perfect place for epic selfies!







Other than the decor, beautiful drawings are also available on some of the dishes.


Of course, our main focus today will definitely be the food! So let’s dive straight into the first dish! The appetizer dish, 「Hot & Cold Deluxe Appetizer」~~




This dish is a combination of Hot and Cold appetizers, with Scallop and Prawn cold platters on one side and steaming hot Deep Fried Homemade Fish and Deep Fried Crab covered with Yam on the other. Every element on this dish is worth every penny spent, especially the black pepper scallops that are imported from Japan. Satisfying in every bite!







Next we have the fish, but it’s not any ordinary fish dish. This「Double Flavoured Fish」features a piece of fresh Grouper cooked in 2 different ways. One sourly sweet, the other flavourful and heavy, allowing it to be a dish that goes really well with your rice. The marvelous taste of the tender and smooth fish aside, the presentation of this dish will also stun you before you start uploading it to your Instagram~  






After the fish dish, the next seafood we all love would be the prawns! Which is why we were served the 「Prawns Cooked with Mayonnaise」.





This is one of the signature dishes available at The Mandarin. If there’s any dish that can be described as fresh, succulent, and crunchy, this would be it. The prawns, with the shells removed, cooked under strong flame and then covered with the specially made & delicious mayonnaise sauce will leave a customer craving for more and accompanied by another bowl of rice… (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)




Next on the line we have the「Mixed Vegetables Cooked with Lotus & Yam」.






The yam is made into the shape of Chinese Ingots, the deep fried Lotus looks very similar to the ancient Chinese coins, sitting on top of a fragrant stir fried mix vegetables. It was though a bowl of prosperity is toppled over and spread all over the plate, waiting to be collected by you. This dish is without doubt an absolute 100%! ♡\( ̄▽ ̄)/♡





Lastly we have the「Mango Chicken with Cheese」!







You may have this dish as an appetizer due to the savoury cheese, but the sweet elements that are present in the dish such as the mango also kind of makes it a perfect dessert. Strangely, one bite and you will be able to tell how perfectly these sweet and savoury elements combined with the chicken meat was crafted to form this delicate dish. FYI, this dish is the result of the head chef’s creativity~~




If you have any event or occasion worth celebrating, big or small, The Mandarin is the perfect place to go. If there are elderly folks at your home that cannot climb the stairs, don’t worry because at the small alley beside the staircase are 2 elevators that you can use to access the different levels of the restaurant.








To book, just call: 082-262800








What are you waiting for? Call The Mandarin and book for your next celebration!





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