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【Kuching Must Eat】Sunny Hill Ice Cream

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When we Kuchingites crave for some delicious ice creams, we don’t really visit those nicely renovated ice cream parlour or franchises, but instead we really like to visit this plain looking canteen called the Sunny Hill Ice Cream.


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We Kuchingites is very lucky to be able to enjoy this delicious soft-served ice creams since we were little. The premise was built back in 1963 and people back then would even cycle to enjoy their ice cold treats especially on a sunny day.


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Each day, there will be only 2 flavours available - Vanilla (available everyday), and Strawberry, Corn, and Pandan rotating through the week. Most visitors will come here for the cone, but a lot of them also leave with the Sunny Hill Large Cup Ice Cream and a wide smile on their faces.


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Other than Cones and Large Cups, you can also enjoy these delicious ice creams in the form of Ice Cream Sandwich, Ice Cream Float, Sundae Ice Cream , Banana Split, and Pudding with Ice Cream.


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The ice cream are made fresh without the addition of any artificial ingredients, hence the ice cream melts super super fast.


Price List:

- Sundae RM2.76

- Sundae With Nuts RM2.97

- Banana Split RM4.24

- Large Cup RM6.98

- Float RM3.39

- Sandwich RM2.97


All the profit made by Sunny Hill Ice Cream goes to the charity events by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.


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This simple and sweet delight charmed the hearts of many, bringing happiness to the people especially the locals. So, when was the last time you visited Sunny Hill?



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