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[Scrumptiously Healthy Tong Sui @ Top One 糖水哥]

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A traditional tong sui is not only packed with nutrition and various health benefits but is also guilt-free and calorie-friendly. With several healthy ingredients put together to create a perfect harmony of flavors, tong sui is appropriate for anyone at any age.


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Located in Stutong Market, Top One 糖水哥 (Drink Stall No. FA1) is owned by a friendly Kuchingnite named Raymond, also known as “Tang Shui Ge (糖水哥)” by his customers in Mandarin, which translates Brother Tong Sui. He makes his homemade desserts from scratch with the utmost care and precision to ensure maximum gastronomic satisfaction. And due to his creations of healthy and delicious tong suis, he even got featured in Sarawak Tribune and Astro AEC!


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Tang Shui Ge offers a variety of both hot and cold tong suis such as sweet pastes (Peanut and Black Sesame), refreshing soups (Pumpkin Sago, Beancurd Sheet w/ Barley & Gingko, Green Bean & Sweet Potato, Red Bean w/ Lotus Seeds & Tangerine Peel, Peach Resin w/ Alga & Red Dates, Peach Resin w/ White Fungus & Red Dates, and Peach Resin w/ White Fungus & Rose), cooling drinks (Chrysanthemum Wolfberry Tea and Luo Han Guo w/ Red Dates Tea), and more.


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Pictured here is one of the Tang Shui Ge’s bestsellers, the Peach Resin w/ White Fungus & Red Dates soup. People say beauty starts from within, and one of the best ways to start is by having a bowl of this refreshing tong sui that is full of natural collagen and antioxidants which helps in nourishing the body.


Peach Resin White Fungus & Red Dates Soup (2)


We also recommend the Beancurd Sheet w/ Barley & Gingko. A light and nutritious dessert with a rich soy milk taste, this dessert is especially good for body cooling and detoxification.


Beancurd Sheet with Barley & Ginkgo Soup (1)


What’s more, the Red Bean w/ Lotus Seeds & Tangerine Peel is also another big hit here. The soup is flavorful, smooth, and contains tangerine peel which gives the tong sui a citrus flavor. Consuming this dessert will help clear heat and rids the body of toxins.


Red Bean with Lotus Seeds & Tangarine Peel Soup (1)

Red Bean with Lotus Seeds & Tangarine Peel Soup (2)


If you want your tong suis to be delivered, Raymond offers FREE delivery service in Kuching area with a maximum order of 5 boxes and above. Plus, he’s also going to open a 2nd branch in Sekama which will be opening soon in October.


So come bring your family and friends to Top One Tang Shui Ge stall in Stutong Market to try 糖水哥’s healthy and delicious desserts.


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