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The Top 10 of the final week is out!

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1. Stall 159/160 - Yummy Yang Western

There is so much delicious food at this stall! Durian Cake, Japanese Cheese Cake, Cheese Tart, Tomyam Spaghetti, Mozzarella Cheese Stick and more! The staffs there is also very “attractive”! *cough cough*


But, we are going to introduce this very special Tomyam Spaghetti. I’m sure most of you tried the more common spaghetti such as Bolognese or Carbonara Spaghetti, but I bet you have not tried Tomyam Spaghetti. Sourly spicy spaghetti? Go and find out yourself! You can even choose your own level of spiciness~~


2. Stall 50 - Fly Chicken

Orange flavoured Korean Fried Chicken, yes, Orange flavoured. How many of you tried this before? I did!


3. Stall 15 - RainTree Natural Musang King Durian

Durian lovers, yet another food at Kuching Festival Food Fair that you cannot afford to miss, Musang King Durian Snow Balls. Take a small bite and experience the strong durian flavours going all out in your mouth!

Congratulations to the following stalls that is the Top 10 for week 3, at the same time being in the Top 10 twice! You know what this means? Of course is that it means that they have high quality food!!!! Last 2 days of Kuching Festival eat what? Everything in out Top 10 la~~~!


4. Stall 51B - Mr & Mrs Fruit Ice Cream


5. Stall 161 - KK Puffle Cone Ice Cream


6. Stall 44 - Fried Fresh Milk and Bomberyaki



7. Stall 209B – Panda


8. Stall 208B – Fortune Bag


They got into the Top 10 twice, and now, they managed to got into the Top 10 again! That makes them Top 10 for 3 consecutive weeks!


9. Stall 185 – JFO

Look at this scallop, it is buried with ebiko BUT! Below that huge pile of ebiko is a scallop that will blow your mind. My suggestion while eating this it to have it all in one single bite, along with all the ebiko and cheese.


10. Stall 52 - B3ar 21/Paku