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[Ho Chiak Roast Meat That Will Blow Your Mind!] @ 正宗和记烧腊 @ 21 Kopitiam (7th Mile)

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Roast meat is food for the soul, don't you think? We turn to the tender well-caramelised char siu for comfort on a bad day, celebrate occasions with a whole tasty roast duck/chicken, and when we visit someone, we bring crispy siu yuk (pork belly) as gifts. 


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A new kid on the block, 正宗和记烧腊 @ 21 Kopitiam (7th Mile) is definitely a firm favourite for roasts in our books. Here, they serve a variety of great-tasting roast meats, which include char siu, siu yuk, roast chicken, and roast duck, of course. The duck is absolutely fork tender and the skin has the smoky flavour and aroma that round up a lip-smacking package in your mouth. We highly recommend the char siu and siu yuk. Each bite of the char siu reveals a crackling exterior which implodes into a tender, juicy, and utmost succulent meat. Now, this is what char siu should be like. As for the siu yuk, it has the perfect amount of lean meat to fat ratio, and a crackling that can be heard in the heavens when you bite into it! Wanna try all the roast meat? Then go ahead and order a big plate of everything combined together! Make sure you dip them in their homemade chili as well as it has a terrific zing to it!


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Have an event coming up? You can call them to order in advance as well. Contact 011-1595 9888 or 011-1626 2121 for booking. No plans this weekend? Then “jio” your friends & family to 正宗和记烧腊 @ 21 Kopitiam (7th Mile) and try their roast meat! 


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正宗和记烧腊 @ 21 Kopitiam (7th Mile)
No. 65, Lot 380 Block 46 KCLD Ground Floor, Kota Sentosa, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak.