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【Kuching Must Eat】 Mee Jawa Rabak

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Mee Jawa is one of Malaysian’s favourite breakfast! That is undeniably true! What we are going to introduce to you today is a Mee Jawa so delicious that each and every one of the customers are willing to wait for the same plate of Mee Jawa.




When you arrive, you will be shocked to see that there are no seats. And you will definitely need to wait a while, unless you're lucky or you're super early. Also, do not be shocked by the fact that there is only ONE food stall in the whole kopitiam.



You can order the Mee Jawa Biasa and the Mee Jawa Special, where the Special includes 5 sticks of satay. You can also choose to have only the Chicken or Beef satay, or to have both.


So, of course we ordered the Mee Jawa Special!



The gravy of the Mee Jawa is smooth and you can taste the hint of spices in the gravy. And since we ordered the Special version, peanut sauce rinsed on top of the satay blended in with the gravy, producing a very special aroma.


The noodles, thanks to the gravy are very smooth as you sluuurrp with satisfaction… The satay on the other hand was pretty normal, and dry.


After a delicious Mee Jawa as breakfast, you are now ready for an adventure!!! The Kuching Waterfront is here! Ride a 'Sampan' across the river for that delicious Kek Lapis Sarawak. 


Location: Syn Wah Hui (Hwa Yen) Cafe, Jalan Main Bazaar

Operating Hours: 7am to 12pm



**Here’s a shout out to the Sesco guy that recommended us this DELICIOUS Mee Jawa while we were at Oriental Park Kolo Mee, thanks bro! The Mee Jawa is awesome!


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