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【Kuching Fine Dining】Colugos Bistro & Grill

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【Kuching Fine Dining】Colugos Bistro & Grill


It’s the weekend! Have you figured out where to bring your date? No? Seriously? Well, worry not because we have just the spot for you. Today, Teaspoon would like to introduce you Colugos Bistro & Grill, the perfect spot for a date, gathering, and more.


Located at the Ground Floor of Tun Jugah Mall is a western cuisine restaurant called Colugos Bistro & Grill. The ambient environment along with the soft and relaxing music makes it a perfect spot to relax and have dinner with your loved ones. (psst psst.. If you’re planning to propose, you can also book the place and have it decorated)



So you might be thinking, “it’s just another Western cuisine restaurant, what’s so special about it?”. Well, first delicious food is a must, second is that the cuisine here is of Western-Balinese fusion. Therefore, despite being labelled as fine-dining, the price of the food is still reasonable.


The cooks of the restaurants are from different countries, the head chef himself has over 10 years of experience in cooking. Despite originating from different countries and having different cultures and background, they are still able to learn from each other and to integrate the knowledge into the foods and at the same time preserving the solid foundation of the food itself.


After so much introduction on the background of the restaurant and the cook, let’s get on to the foods!


First up is the Nasi Goreng Jawa!




If you know indonesian culture, then you’ll probably guessed what is this. This is a fried rice with noodles in it. This may be somewhat unbelieveable for some of you, but according to the head chef, the indonesians love to eat rice and noodles together. Therefore he prepared this dish on the menu and added Keropok, Tofu Tempeh, and a huge chicken thigh, which all of them are the favourites of indonesians. Every component in this dish is more complicated than you think. Several herbs are used to perfect this dish, elevating a seemingly simple fried rice to a somewhat ‘premium’ fried rice.


The second dish served is the Nasi Lemak Special.



This nasi lemak is yet another dish that is not as simple as it looks. The 2 most important elements of a nasi lemak is of course the rice and the sambal, agree? First, you’ll notice that the rice is green, and nope, it’s not due to artificial colouring. The rice is made cooked with actual pandan leaves juice. The pandan flavour in the rice is so rich that the fragrance explodes like a hand grenade in your mouth.


Then you have the sambal, which is prepared fresh everyday using fresh chilli. Every day, the kitchen needs to prepare a whole new batch of sambal which takes 3 hours to prepare! This one sambal is created after numerous attempt in elevating and modifying, the result is a sambal paste that is not purely spicy, but you can taste the original flavours of chilli. It is kinda hard to express, but you’ll understand just how special is the sambal once you tried it once.


A fine-dining restaurant must have western food, and the first western dish served is the Ribeye Steak.



The steak served is cooked to perfect medium, seared nicely on the outside and soft and pinkish in the middle. The steak is served with a black pepper sauce which complements the steak really well. The special thing about this steak is that each and every cut is measured to be exactly 250 grams. The head chef told us that if the beef is more than or even less than 250 gram, then the steak will not be cooked to its fullest potential.


Other than the steak, there’s also the Grilled Lamb Chop.



The lamb chop is also kept to a consistent 150 gram to maintain the thickness and the texture of the lamb. This also allows the lamb to be cut easier and will not be too hard and chewy. Other than how delicious this lamb chop is, you might want to order this one because you’ll look more elegant cutting the soft lamb chop, if you’re planning to look good in front of your date.


Then there’s the fish, the Grilled Mango Seabass.



Seabass itself is a very delicate fish, which can be easily overcooked. The fish is seared carefully, allowing the fish to remain tender and juicy, and at the same time not one bit oily. Fresh fishes are used to prepare the dishes, therefore you can say that the freshness of each dish is guaranteed.


One of the sides, the mash potatoes caught our attention when the dish is served. The mash potatoes contains yellow-ly bits, which we then found out are mango bits. The mango adds a sour taste to the mash potatoes, which makes it very appetising due to its acidic properties.


Then we are presented with the extraordinary Colugos Chicken Roulade.



Conventional Chicken Roulade uses chicken breast meat, but the owner made a twist to this dish by using chicken thigh meat which more tender and juicy as compared to the chicken breast meat. The roulade is prepared by rolling the chicken thigh meat around cheese and ham, dipped into a special batter, deep fried, and then served with a mix of butter sauce. The exterior is crispy and the chicken meat is tender and juicy.


They also have tons of special drinks here, and here are some of them, including a very special ice blended drink, the Coco Avocado.



Of course, other than the dishes we recommended, Colugos Bistro & Grill also have an array of other delicious foods. If you haven’t decided for a dating spot this weekend, now you know where to go.


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