5 Days Left to Purchase the Teaspoon Year End Sale Voucher!!

By Admin on Dec 5, 2016

【Teaspoon Year End Sale】


Time is running out! Have you purchased these special and cheap vouchers that we offered you?? Crazy offer like these comes only once in a while! Grab yours now!!!


Beer Workshop (Non-Halal)



I) Western Dinner for 2, at only RM55 (Original Price RM63.80)


This set includes:

- 2 Main Courses  (Choose from Grilled Salmon, or Lamb Shoulder)

- 1 Snack food (Choose from Wedges, Chicken Roll, or Hotdog)


II) Western Dinner for 4, at only RM100 (Original Price RM127.60)


This set includes:

- 4 Main Courses (Choose from Grilled Salmon, or Lamb Shoulder)

- 2 Snack foods (Choose from Wedges, Chicken Roll, or Hotdog)



Colugos Bistro and Grill (Does Not Serve Pork)


I) Grilled Mango Seabass Set, at only RM33 (Original Price RM42)



This Set Includes:

- Grilled Mango Seabass

- Dessert

- Iced Lemon Tea


II) Grilled Lamb Chop Set, at only RM36 (Original Price RM45)


This Set Includes:

- Grilled Lamb Chop

- Dessert

- Iced Lemon Tea


III) Rib Eye Steak Set, at only RM53 (Original Price RM62)


This Set Includes:

- Rib Eye Steak

- Dessert

- Iced Lemon Tea




Haeun Dae Korean Restaurant (Does Not Serve Pork)


I) Cash Voucher worth RM50, at only RM37.50

II) 3 Set Main Course, at only RM44 (Original Price RM 59.70)


Choose any 3 main courses from:

- Dol Sot Pi-pim Bab

- Kim Chi Jjikeh (Boiled Kim Chi Soup)

- Bulbogi Jung Sik (Korean BBQ Beef)

- Dak Bulbogi Jung Sik (Korean BBQ Chicken)

- Yang Kal Bi (Korean BBQ Lamb)


You are also entitled for 3 Cups of Drinks in which you can choose from

- Ice Lemon Tea

- Green Tea



Idealite (Does Not Serve Pork and Alcohol)


Sushi & Snack Combo for 2 to 4 pax, at only RM39 (Original Price 61.27)



This Combo Set Includes:

- Sushi Combo which includes Hokkaido Vegetarian Sushi, Vegetarian Sushi, Seaweed Rolls

- Snack Combo which includes Japanese Golden Dumpling, Provence Tempura Mushroom, Signature Satay

- Refillable Tea 1 Pot


You can Choose from the following flavours for the Pot of Tea

- Organic rooibos (RM11.90 value)

- Hawthorn (RM11.90 value)

- Lavender flower (RM13.90 value)

- Peppermint (RM13.90 value)

- Chamomile (RM13.90 value)

- Burdock (RM13.90 value)

- Rose Flower (RM13.90 value)



Maze Restaurant (Non-Halal)


Maze’s Dinner for 2, at only RM55 (Original Price RM69)



This Set Includes:

- 1 Quarter Chicken

- 1 Pasta of choice (Seafood, Pork Ragout, Mushroom Creamy)

- 1 Fries with Garlic Aiols

- 2 Drinks of choice (exclude alcohol)


**This Voucher could not be used on 23rd & 24th December due to booking for Private Function



Osome Wood Fire Pizza (Non-Halal)


Any 2 Pizza from the Menu, at only RM44 (Original Price RM57.80)



You can choose any 2 from the following pizzas:

- Chef Special

- Hi Sweety!

- Tuna with a Twist

- Molto Carne

- 4 Elements

- Land and Sea

- Quattro Formaggi

- Mighty Pork Bacon Pillow Pizza

- Osome Wedges Pizza



Purejuice (Halal)



Cash Voucher worth RM50, at only RM40!



The G Cafe (Does Not Serve Pork)

I) The G Cafe’s Cake, at only RM9.99 (Original Price RM12.00)


You can choose from any slice of cake available that day


II) Chix Roulade with White Onion Bechamel at RM 24 (Original Price RM 27)



Waee Ice Cream Parlour (Halal)


Any 3 Waee Ice Cream, at only RM10 (Original Price RM15)


You can choose from any 3 of the following flavours:

- Waee Popcorn

- Waee Apong

- Waee Kaya

- Waee Dark

- Waee Caramel

- Waee Fruity

- Waee Dried



Le Parlour Cafe Studio (Does Not Serve Pork and Alcohol)


Chicken Chop for 2 with Drinks and Cake, at only RM49.90 (Original Price RM85.90)


This Set Includes:

- 2 pax Chicken Chop (Honey Apple Cider Chicken Chop, Black Pepper Chicken Chop, NEW Coffee Chicken Chop)

- 2 Seasonal Drink (Naughty Santa)

- 1 Slice of Cake



Life Recipes Vegan Cafe (Does Not Serve Pork)


I) 4 Signature Mushroom Noodles, at only RM24 (Original Price RM32)



This Voucher includes:

- 4 Signature Mushroom Noodles


II) Butter with Curry Crispy Mushroom and Winter Melon Tea, at only RM10.90 (Original Price RM13.10)


This Voucher includes:

- Butter with Curry Crispy Mushroom

- Winter Melon Tea


III) Grilled Mushroom Rice and Fresh Kiwi Pear Juice at only RM18.90 (Original Price RM21)


This Voucher Includes:

- Grilled Mushroom Rice

- Fresh Kiwi Pear Juice


Living Aquatic & Cafe (Does Not Serve Pork and Alcohol)

A Slice of Cake + Drinks, at only RM15 (Original Price RM25)


This set includes

- 1 slice of cake (Any Flavour)

- 1 Drink (Peppermint Chocolate or Gingerbread Latte)

- 1 Complimentary Gingerbread Man Cookie

More Foodie Info, only at Teaspoon! 

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