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【Kuching Must Eat】Cheap and Delicious Pan Mee

By Admin on Dec 14, 2016

【Kuching Must Eat】Cheap and Delicious Pan Mee


The most important aspects of a Pan Mee is the elasticity of the noodle, as well as the taste and flavours of the soup. This is no easy task if you’re not an expert. What we will be introducing you today is the “Da Jia Hao” Pan Mee Stall at RH Plaza’s Expert Food Court.




This stall has been around for 10 years and the Pan Mee is still selling very well. This can only means that the quality is assured! The soup based is cooked for 3 hours using pork and chicken bones to ensure that the soup is right on spot. The noodles are handmade with no addition of artificial preservatives!


The most common type is the dry and the soup pan mee. The Dry Pan Mee is slightly salty with a hint of sweetness, when accompanied with the anchovies, the match is absolutely marvelous. The dry pan mee comes with a bowl of soup which consists of meatball, fishball, and a piece of poached egg! All of this only costs you RM6~ Can you believe that?




The Soup Pan Mee has very light broth and is not oily, accompanied by the chewy noodles and the same homemade meatball, fishball, and egg~




Other than that, they also have this super limited Pumpkin Noodle that is available every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday only. It is super limited because the boss only prepares enough to make 10 bowls! The reason is that the pumpkin noodles actually does not last long and will not taste nice after some time, hence making only enough for 10.


The owner recommends the Lemon Pan Mee that is slightly sour and very refreshing. Another dish highly recommended by the owner is the Fish Fillet Noodle. The soup of the noodle does not use vinegar to achieve the sour taste, but fresh lemon is used to provide a natural zesty taste to the soup, which in turn enhances its flavour.


The owner is actually from West Malaysia, and he studied and research his own recipes of Pan Mee for the lucky Kuchingites. If you don’t have any plans for dinner, just head over to Expert Food Court at RH Plaza~~!




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