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【Kuching Must Eat】Ang Cheng Ho Mix Pork Rice

By L3Dah on Jan 18, 2017

【Kuching Must Eat】Ang Cheng Ho Mix Pork Rice


I remember coming across this blog post by Kenny Sia regarding his experience eating Chicken Rice by the roadside few years but I’ve never had the chance nor the motivation to look for the place, until I decided to pass by the place few weeks ago to look for this place.


Luckily enough, despite the blog post being published in 2006, the same uncle stated in the blog is still at the same place! I was told by the uncle that he has been here for the past 36 years, and him himself have an experience of cooking chicken rice for over 50 years!


This humble little stall offers you chicken rice or mixed pork rice. When you arrive, the uncle will ask you whether you want to eat or tapao, what is the amount of rice you want, which parts or meats you would like to have, the amount of soup/gravy, and the number of scoops of chilli, specifically in that order every time.




You can choose to have chicken, pork, eggs, pork skin, or you can have them all mixed in your plate. The pork is very fragrant and tender. The pork and the eggs is marinated for quite a while to ensure that all the fragrance is absorbed. The chicken are prepared fresh in the morning.


Or, you can just straight away tell the uncle what you want to have when you arrived.





When you get your plate of rice, you can either eat standing up, sit at the stairways, or sit at this little ‘stools’ made of wooden drawers.




They also have cold canned drinks here at the stall.



The stall is open from Monday to Saturday, 10am until it finishes, usually around 2pm. For the specific location and the map, click on the ‘Related Restaurants’ below~





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Ang Cheng Ho Mix Pork Rice
325-329, Lorong Ang Cheng Ho 7b 93100 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia