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【Kuching Must Eat】Kolo Mee with 33 Years Experience!

By L3Dah on Apr 5, 2017

“Little Skill” (the name of the restaurant) is a whole new place to enjoy delicious Kolo Mee made by an experienced Kolo Mee operator! If you’ve been to Kenyalang to fill your regular craving for a bowl of Kolo Mee, then you’ll probably be familiar with the name ‘Kok-Kok’ Mee. That’s right, he’s right here!




For those of you who are not familiar, it’s okay. Because we are here to help you find out what’s so special about their delicious Kolo Mee~~


The owner of the place is very particular regarding his noodles and the ingredients! For starters, the noodles used is different! The noodles used is the curly type, but it is slightly thicker, allowing the customers to be still able to enjoy the springy texture of the noodles. The Char Siew Pork slices used is charcoal BBQ pork where all the juiciness of the pork is still perfectly locked in the meat.




To best enjoy the combination of these 2 is of course to order the Grilled Meat Mee.




Normally i have my Kolo Mee ‘red’ because it will taste better (that’s just my personal preference), but then, the first bite made me instantly change how I felt about ‘white’ Kolo Mee. The perfectly cooked noodles coupled with the perfect seasoning makes you crave for another bowl. The secret behind this is actually the pork oil. The owner spends a lot of effort in every aspects in his cooking, including preparing his own pork oil to season the noodles.


Next is the Wantan Soup. Super thin skin wrapping the delicious delicious, perfectly seasoned, and dense-packed meat fillings will make you go crazy! Have this for your breakfast and you will be able to start your day with a wide smile on your face. Have this with the Grilled Meat Mee (Kolo Mee) will hang that smile on your face for the whole week!





If you want to have soup and noodles, but want something other than the Wantan, then you should really try their Mix Fresh Materials Mee (Soup). The first special thing about this dish is the soup itself. The taste of the soup does not come from seasoning, but it’s from blanching all the ingredients such as prawns, pork, mackerel fish, and all the other ingredients. The second special thing is the ingredients used in the dish, especially the homemade Mackerel Fish and I guarantee that you’ll also feel the same when you tried it.




Other than the soup, you could also opt for the Mix Fresh Materials (Dry) with the same types of ingredients, but with Pork Liver added.




If you’re here for lunch and you’re not feeling up for noodles, you could also enjoy the same soup with rice by ordering the Clear Soup with Fragrance Rice.





You can also enjoy Chai Kueh here at “Little Skill”. Currently they only have this, but they will add more different types of kuih for sale eventually. So, you can buy some and bring back to your office for snacks or even afternoon tea~~~




At this point, how many of you is curious about why it is called “Little Skill”? Well, the noodles will soon be handled by the son of the experienced owner, who worked alongside his father for years. But one thing’s for sure, even if it’s just a little bit of skill, all the years of nurturing will definitely allow him to prepare you a delicious bowl of Kolo Mee.


So, what are you waiting for? Ajak your friends, families, neighbours, boss, colleagues, and bring all of them to taste this crazy DELICIOUS Kolo Mee at “Little Skill”.








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