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【Wake Up & Breakfast - The Kuching Style!】

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Apr 28, 2018

Who doesn’t love sleeping in? Just the soothing feeling of being nudged awake by your own body clock, instead of a shrill external alarm, is arguably one of the best parts of the weekend. Sadly, for many of us, we can’t afford such luxury on weekdays. Thanks to work, we’re dragged out of our beds at an ungodly hour when the sun is still in slumber and the city is barely stirring. But, if there’s one thing that could make it all better, it’s breakfast. We’ve rounded up 5 places for breakfast in Kuching to make sure your day is off to a good start. And by breakfast we don’t mean the usual Kolo Mee or Laksa or Kueh Chap. Our team has picked out a few pretty unique breakfast food for you to try. So read on, and don’t forget to LIKE & SHARE this article with your family and friends.


[The Breakfast Factory @ Jalan Song]


Big breakfast is also a shorter way of saying the champion's breakfast, am I right? If you have an appetite of a prehistoric dinosaur, The Breakfast Factory's 'XL Giant Breakfast’ may just be the right big breakfast for you. Served with toasted bread, scrambled eggs, grilled sausages & ham, cheezy giant sausages w/ special sauce, hash brown, a handful of baked beans and coleslaw. Beautifully done and well-seasoned. So you think you're up for the challenge?


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[鱼之香 Yu Zhi Xiang @ Jalan Stutong]


If you are a fan of fish-oriented dishes, fish head noodles should be one of your must-have gastronomic checklists. It’s like a noodle paradise when you look at the menu of 鱼之香 Yu Zhi Xiang. But of all the noodle varieties here, it was their Fried Sliced Fish Noodle that truly satisfies the most! The mee hoon is amazingly chewy to the bite, while the sliced fish is fried to perfection. The broth, in the meantime, is packed with slurpy goodness of savoury-sweet evaporated milk!


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[Original Penang Fried Kueh Tiaw @ Full House Food Court]


If you’re craving for some delicious Penang Fried Duck Egg Char Kuey Teow, then the Penang Fried Kueh Tiaw stall at Full House Food Court is where you should head to! The char kuey teow itself is full of wok hei and blessed with a distinctively fragrant taste thanks to the use of a fresh duck egg. Of course, the additional ingredients of succulent prawns helps enhance the richness of the char kuey teow flavour. Also, the employment of taugehs, chives, chinese sausages, and cockles add a nice textural contrast to the greasy yet tasty dish. What’s more you also have to try their Original Penang Kueh Tiaw Goreng and Freshly Cook Kueh Tiaw Soup.


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[Breakfast Food/Taiwanese Food @ Big Koufu Food Court]


Talk about street food in Taiwan and one cannot dispense discussing “Oh-Ah Mee Sua” 蚵仔麵線 Taiwanese Oyster Mee Sua. With humble beginnings as a “poor man’s snack”, Oh Ah Mee Sua soon became an internationally renowned dish which one would flock to eat when they visit Taiwan. And now you can find Oh Ah Mee Sua in Kuching at Big Koufu Food Court. The oysters are super fresh and the consistency of the mee sua is smooth and thick without being sticky. Definitely a Kuching-Taiwan style!


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[Taiwanese Omelette @ Coffee Talk]


Another one of my favourite breakfasts while in Taiwan is 蛋餅 Dan Bing, a traditional and popular Taiwanese breakfast that many locals eat on a daily basis and travellers’ must-try food when in Taiwan. For those who miss travelling to Taiwan for the food, you can now find this simple yet delicious and inexpensive Dan Bing in Kuching at Coffee Talk. The beaten egg is fried on a hot plate and top with a thin crêpe/pancake, then flipped over and filled with assorted fillings such as cheese, chicken floss and more.


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