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【5 Vegetarian Hot Spots In Kuching - The Kuching Style!】

By Ashley Sim May Yee on May 26, 2018

Vegetarian dishes are usually prepared to cater to religious and cultural practices, or just for a healthier meat-free dining option. Whether or not you are a vegetarian, it's nice to try something new once in a blue moon. Either it is purely vegetables, or perhaps a combination of vegetables and artificial meat. Whatever the reason may be, here are 5 places that serve delicious Vegetarian dishes. So read on, and don’t forget to LIKE & SHARE this article with your family and friends.


[Come On Veggie Cafe]


Located at Jalan Wan Alwi, Come On Veggie Cafe prides itself in promoting vegetarian food and a healthy lifestyle. Mr Sze and his family have been in the vegetarian business for many years now and their kopitiam is always filled with returning customers as well as new ones. That explains why we only have good things to say about this kopitiam. It's because we're thoroughly impressed by the plethora of vegetarian Chinese stir fry dishes that are offered in this eatery. You don't have to be afraid of ordering the wrong food, because it probably doesn't matter what you choose; it'll be delicious anyway. They offer a wide variety of really well-seasoned dishes such as the BBQ Fish, Sea Cucumber Soup, Handmade Tofu, and Belacan Midin, which goes brilliantly with their Purple Rice (紫米飯). Plus, you have to try their vegetarian Rojak too! This is one place you've got to try it for yourself to believe how delicious it is.


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[Vedge Veggie Noodle/Breakfast]


Plant-based eating is way better for our bodies, the planet, and animals. That’s the motto of Vedge Veggie which is owned by a friendly vegetarian couple. Located in Woon Lam Cafe 1999, this stall has some serious veggie eats that could satisfy vegetarians wholeheartedly and enough to tempt and convert the steadiest of carnivores with its menu: delicious burgers, lovely handcrafted sandwiches, hearty noodles & rice, mouthwatering toasts and their wonderful breakfast meals. What we recommend is their Veggie Pumpkin Floss Sandwich which consists of poached egg, pumpkin floss, cucumber, tomato, and mayonnaise sauce. And if you’re a fan of cheese, you can go for their V-Cheese Burger! Plus, they have a Today’s Special which changes daily. We were lucky as we got to try their Tomyam Beehoon for their Today’s Special. One mouthful and you can taste the different flavours bursting in your mouth.


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[Khang Joo Vegetarian]


Khang Joo Vegetarian is another praiseworthy vegetarian stall located in Yew Cafe at Jalan Datuk Abdul Rahim. Their stir fry dishes are expertly cooked that is regularly enjoyed by not only vegetarians but meat eaters. They offer amazingly delicious vegetarian dishes that is guaranteed to keep your mouth drooling. What the chef recommended is their Fried Rice w/ Chinese Sausage. The dish may look simple but it delivers a balanced smoky, savoury and sweet taste. Besides that, to our surprise, they have Fried Kuey Teow w/ Bitter Gourd too! It’s a local favourite that when fried right, brings a smile to your face. And it did brought a smile to our faces. The umami taste of their Fried Kuey Teow w/ Bitter Gourd is definitely a dish to boast about. What’s more, if you love eating Mushrooms, then you’ve got to try their Fried Mushroom Rice. The dish gives an appetizing and superb aroma that even non-vegetarians will find it delicious!


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[King Centre Vegetarian Stall]


Looking for something more than just the ordinary vegetarian food? Craving for flavours and texture that resembles non-vegetarian dishes? Well, King Centre Vegetarian Stall which is located in Stars Kopitiam might just be the answer for you! Mr Tan, the friendly owner of King Centre Vegetarian Stall, who was once a meat eater is now a fully vegetarian that hopes to promote to the public the concept of consuming vegetarian dishes as it is much healthier. Fresh vegetables, textured mock meat and delicious sauces are what makes the vegetarian dishes at King Centre Vegetarian Stall hype-worthy. We highly recommend you to try Mr Tan’s Vegetarian Chicken Rice and Vegetarian Barbecue Rice. He uses local ginger and sesame oil for the rice which explains how flavourful and fragrant it is. For the Vegetarian Chicken Rice, he uses fried beancurd skin as the vegetarian “chicken” which compliment well with the rice. Plus, you have to try his homemade sweet and hot chilli dip too!


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[Ghandhara Health Vegetarian (Kuching Buddhist Society 古晋佛教居士林)]


Located next to Kuching Buddhist Society (古晋佛教居士林), Ghandhara Health Vegetarian provides the most healthy servings, not just for your digestive system but for your mind and soul as well. Taking centre stage is the chap fan counter, which consists of 100% authentic Chinese vegetarian dishes such as an array of vegetables & mock meat, vegetable curry, tofu, and more. Aside from the economy fast food, vegetarian Kolo Mee, vegetarian Laksa, desserts and more are also offered in the cozy air-conditioned restaurant. Plus, prices are pocket-friendly too. More information on the economy fast food price do check out the price chart in the picture below. What’s more, an important reminder for diners: Be sure to clean up after yourself and behave in an orderly manner, as a mark of respect for the premises. Also, note that they are close on the 1st and the 15th of each lunar month.


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