[Kuching Festival]

[STALL 112 Whak Whak @ Kuching Festival]

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Jul 28, 2018

Move out of the way standard and boring ice cream as the craze for yoghurt flavored ice cream or frozen yoghurt is here to stay! It has a nice balance of sweet and tanginess, one that makes a person addicted to continuously lick the tip of the ice cream itself. And since Kuching has been really hot lately, come get rid of the heat in your body by getting yourself a cup of Whak Whak’s Yoghurt Ice Cream at Kuching Festival (Stall 112).


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You can also taste how fresh and vibrant the froyo really is! Plus it’s so smooth and creamy that it heavenly melts in your mouth. There are 2 flavors to choose from, which is Roselle and Mango. Seriously, being healthy has never been this fun! So “Whak” are you waiting for? Go get yourself Whak Whak’s Yoghurt Ice Cream now at Stall 112.


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