[Kuching Festival]

[MUST TRY Thai-Style Mango Fried Chicken!] @ Stall 38 Husky Garden Cafe Bintulu (Kuching Festival 2019)

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Aug 7, 2019

The famous Husky Garden Cafe in Bintulu is here at Kuching Festival this year serving Thai-style Mango Fried Chicken, Tom Yum Goong, and more. Curious to try? Then head to Stall 38. 


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We’re pretty sure their aromatic Thai-style Mango Fried Chicken will have you queuing up. Not only the mango fried chicken is tasty, it’s visually appealing too! So make sure you do it for the gram. One bite, and you will taste a plethora of flavors bursting in your mouth. And, it’s very tender and juicy too. They also glazed the mango fried chicken with homemade cheese sauce which makes it even tastier. On the side, there's a beautifully cut mango too which has a soft and juicy flesh. Consuming the mango is good for digestion as it is enriched with fibre. 


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Finish devouring the Thai-style Mango Fried Chicken, then get their Tom Yum Goong! The owner told us the Tom Yum Goong ingredients consists of fresh milk, santan, and tom yum paste. No wonder it’s so aromatic! And, there’s juicy handmade pork balls in the soup too! Do note that no rice is included with the Tom Yum Goong. 



So “jio” your family & friends to Stall 38 “Husky Garden Cafe Bintulu” tonight to try their Thai food!


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