[Kuching Festival]

[Very Fu-wafy Souffle Pancakes!] @ Stall 214 Fuwa Fuwa The Fluffy Japanese Pancake (Kuching Festival 2019)

By Admin on Aug 1, 2019

Do you have a sweet tooth? There is a new dessert in town you just shouldn’t miss. Head over to stall 214 Fuwa Fuwa for authentic Japanese style soufflé pancakes. Fuwa Fuwa offers both sweet and savoury soufflé pancakes.


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Fuwa Fuwa’s signature Milk Tea Souffle Pancake is generously coated with Milk glaze , drizzled with black sugar syrup, and topped with bobas. The chewy bobas goes really well with the soft pancakes. We also have the Bacon Et Saucisse which consists of fluffy pancakes, bacon,  sausages, and egg. Flavor-wise, very umami.


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Fuwa Fuwa soufflé pancakes are made to order and will be handed to you freshly made and hot. 


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So, head to Stall 214 Fuwa Fuwa The Fluffy Japanese Pancake at

Kuching Festival tonight with your family & friends to try their

Japanese-style souffle pancakes.


Only available at Kuching Festival unless you want to fly to Tokyo Japan.