[Kuching Festival]

[Pretty Rainbow Cheese Toast & Ice Cream! @ STALL 116 Rainbow]

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Aug 1, 2018

Recently, people went crazy over Thailand’s rainbow toast! We know you’re also excited as much as we do, but before you book a flight to Thailand, visit Kuching Festival first and have a taste of Stall 116 Rainbow’s Cheese Toast!


_MG_2952 copy


It may look like a simple toast at first but when you pull it, RAINBOW CHEESE WILL BURST! Just look at how long it can be pulled! The thick, fluffy white bread is buttery and crispy on the outside but still soft inside. And, despite being far too colorful, the cheese is incredibly stretchy. So delicious and insta-worthy!


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Apart from the Rainbow Cheese Toast, they also serve Rainbow Ice Cream! Their Rainbow Ice Cream is one of the most unique and special ice creams you can find at Kuching Festival. So come on over to Stall 116 with your family & friends and get yourself a Rainbow Cheese Toast and Rainbow Ice Cream!


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