[Kuching Festival]

[Crispy Till The Last Bite! @ STALL 82 Yummy Yang]

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Aug 1, 2018

Come enjoy the freshly made, piping hot Fried Japanese Chicken/Chicken Wings from Stall 82 Yummy Yang! Their fried chickens are just tantalizingly delicious! Once you taste them, you could get totally addicted! The fried chicken themselves are blessed with crispy skin, and taste even better when you dip them into their savoury sauces! You can choose either Original, Laksa, Cheesy, or Spicy. The chicken meat, in the meantime, is tender enough till the last bite. No doubt it’s a must-have dish if you happen to stop by here at Kuching Festival.


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Aside from the Fried Japanese Chicken/Chicken Wings, they also serve Fried Sio Bee, and Fried Wonton which comes with Laksa Sauce. Crispy + Savoury = PERFECTION! Don’t be surprised if you end up addicted to them. We know we have.


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So come on over to Stall 82 Yummy Yang to try their mouth-watering deep-fried delights!