[Kuching Festival]

[Top 10 Stalls of the 1st Week at Kuching Festival (2018)]

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Aug 5, 2018

We’re back again this year with another list of ‘Top 10 Stalls of the 1st Week at Kuching Festival (2018)’ rated by you guys. So what are the Top 10 Stalls? Check out below. (Note: The order below does not imply the ranks of each stall in the Top 10 ranking.)


[Salted Egg Cheesy Chicken (Stall 244.1)]


Fried chicken with salted egg flavor and gooey cheese? Yes, please! That’s exactly what the Salted Egg Cheesy Chicken from Stall 244.1 is – boneless fried chicken accompanied by melted cheese! Salivating now aren’t you?


_DSC0072 copy

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[Chezzy99 (Stall 188.1)]


A type of food that has no doubt gained a lot of popularity as of date is none other than fried chicken with melted, gooey cheese inside! And you can get it at Chezzy99! Aside from cheese, they have other delicious flavors too such as Kimchi in fried chicken! Come try it!


_MG_3870 copy

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[Fried Chicken Paradise (Stall 191.2)]


Stall 191.2 is definitely one of those stalls that lives up to the instagram hype! The chicken is fried to a perfect crisp and topped with toppings of your choice such as Signature Cheesy Sauce, Black Pepper Sauce, and Korean Hot Pepper. Plus, it’s all in a sweet waffle cone which makes it the perfect savory, sweet snack!


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[Chubbs (Stall 201)]


Crispy flaky chewy scallion pancake, fresh crunchy veggies & a warm melt in the mouth fried chicken with a sweet & savory sauce all throughout. That’s what you can get at Chubbs (Stall 201)! A delicious and quick dinner bite!


_MG_3939 copy

_MG_3941 copy

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[Black Pearl Souffle (Stall 209.1)]


Rich and creamy, with a texture as soft as the subtle cloud, and weighs like thin air, you gotta try Stall 209.1 Black Pearl Souffle! The black pearls are so chewy to the bite that we are sure you will get addicted to this sweet dessert immediately! Besides Black Pearl, they have other delicious flavors too. Come try!


_MG_3954 copy

_MG_3856 copy

_MG_3958 copy

_MG_3982 copy

_MG_3973 copy


[牵丝G排 (Stall 71.0)]


Melted cheese is a thing of beauty. Rich, gooey strings of goodness pulling away with every bite of food you take. That’s what you can get at Stall 71.0! Just look at how long the cheese can be pulled! Plus, it’s definitely insta-worthy too!


_MG_4010 copy

_MG_4008 copy

_MG_4009 copy

_MG_3997 copy

_MG_4000 copy


[SS Souffler (Stall 62.2)]


Souffle, definitely the new craze in the world of dessert! SS Souffler’s souffle is soft both on the outside and inside that melts in your mouth! Delicious! And it looks so pretty too! Make sure you instagram it before eating!


_MG_4029 copy

_MG_4035 copy

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_MG_4033 copy


[Kürtőskalács (Stall 55.2)]


Kurtoskalacs, a sweet, spiral-shaped Hungarian pastry is now available in Kuching Festival! Brushed with oil and covered with sugar, the pastry is put into a special oven and rotated until it’s baked and the sugar has caramelized. When done, it’s golden brown and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. You can either try original, with kurtoulash (beef), or kurtice-cream (ice-cream).


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[Fruity Magnum (Stall 78.0)]


You can choose from a plethora of toppings, drizzles and coatings to complete your Magnum experience at Stall 78.0 Fruity Magnum and proudly show it off to your friends. Plus, Fruity Magnum has some “Instagrammable” aesthetic qualities too. So come over and get one Magnum ice cream yourself!


_DSC0252 copy

_DSC0247 copy

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_MG_4081 copy


[Gelato Italiano (Stall 12.0)]


Creamy, mouth-watering real Avocado gelato served in a real avocado shell! It’s so refreshing and it’s a healthy dessert! And the seed is actually chocolate almond! Avocado lovers, you gotta try it! It’s limited stock so grab it ASAP! Besides Avocado, they have other delicious flavors too such as Durian and more!


_MG_4119 copy

_MG_4103 copy

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