[Kuching Festival]

[10 Most Lick-Worthy Ice Creams at Kuching Festival (2018)]

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Aug 10, 2018

If you’ve been on Instagram or any other social media platform lately, you would have been hit by the latest growing trend in Malaysia: ICE CREAMS! But what differentiates some of these ice creams from the norm is not just their exceptional flavors but their ability to capture your attention with their unique “Instagrammable” aesthetic qualities. So buckle up for a mouth-watering ice cream tour because we are about to show you 10 most lick-worthy ice creams that you can hunt for at Kuching Festival.


[i-Stick (Stall 22)]


i-Stick has established a strong reputation with their cute and catchy designed gelato popsicles that are prepared from various kinds of delicious flavors. Among the recommended ones include Korean Milk Bean, Japanese Matcha Red Bean, Durian D24/Musang King, and more. Try it!


i-Stick (4)

i-Stick (3)

i-Stick (1)

i-Stick (2)


[Bear 21 (Stall 138)]


This weather just makes us cry for a good ol' fruity popsicle. Bear 21’s popsicles come in various colors and flavors such as Thai Milk Tea, Strawberry Yoghurt, and more. Cool off in this heat with just RM8 for one fresh fruit popsicle!


Bear 21 (1)

Bear 21 (4)

Bear 21 (3)

Bear 21 (2)


[CoCoCream Coconut Ice Cream (Stall 153)]


Presenting you this coconut ice cream served in an actual coconut, with coconut flesh in it. If you constantly crave that tropical escape, CoCoCream’s coconut ice cream is a good reminder of that beach holiday in Thailand you once had. Refreshing and delicious, it’s only RM8!


CoCocream Coconut Ice Cream (4)

CoCocream Coconut Ice Cream (2)

CoCocream Coconut Ice Cream (3)

CoCocream Coconut Ice Cream (1)


[Summer Tales (Stall 51b)]


Visit Summer Tales (Stall 51b) and indulge yourself with their delectable and insta-worthy ice cream. And their ice cream is served in a cup with a cute float cup holder holding it! They have the Swan, Unicorn, and Flamingo float cup holder for you to keep as decorations. How cute!  


Summer Tales (2)

Summer Tales (3)

Summer Tales (4)


[Fruitielicious (Stall 58b)]


Looking for something cold, sweet, and healthy? Then head over to Fruitielicious (Stall 58b) for their watermelon ice cream! It’s literally half of a watermelon with ice cream served on top which makes it the perfect refreshing and delicious dessert at the same time!


Fruitielicious (1)

Fruitielicious (4)

Fruitielicious (3)

Fruitielicious (2)


[Black 24k (Stall 98)]


24-karat gold charcoal ice cream at Kuching Festival?! Yes, that's right! You can literally eat this treat that looks more like treasure than a dessert. Apart from being Meghan Markle, there is no better way to feel like royalty. Plus, it’s definitely the most INSTAGRAMMABLE dessert at Kuching Festival!


Black 24k (4)

Black 24k (2)

Black 24k (1)

Black 24k (3)


[Whak Whak Yoghurt Ice Cream (Stall 112)]


Move out of the way standard and boring ice cream as the craze for yoghurt ice cream is here to stay! Whak Whak’s yoghurt ice cream has a nice balance of sweet and tanginess, one that makes a person addicted to continuously lick the tip of the ice cream itself. Come try their Roselle, Mango, or Matcha flavored yoghurt ice cream!


Whak Whak Yoghurt Ice Cream (3)

Whak Whak Yoghurt Ice Cream (4)

Whak Whak Yoghurt Ice Cream (1)


[My Watermelon (Stall 131a)]


Behold, watermelon milk ice cream served in fresh watermelon and topped with miniature hand-cut chocolate ‘seeds’ to finish. It’s all the refreshing sweetness of ice cream and watermelon rolled into one, and it looks super cute too! What an INSTA-WORTHY treat! 

My Watermelon (2)

My Watermelon (3)

My Watermelon (1)

My Watermelon (4)


[BURNT ice cream (Stall 211b)]


Well-known for the burnt ice cream, Stall 211b has people running back to taste the smoky campfire sweet treat! The Burnt ice cream has 3 layers, marshmallow, peanuts, and ice cream. And you have the flavor options of Coffee, Tea, and Chocolate. What are you waiting for? Try now!


BURNT ice cream (3)

BURNT ice cream (4)

BURNT ice cream (2)

BURNT ice cream (1)


[Fruity Magnum (Stall 78)]


You can choose from a plethora of toppings, drizzles and coatings to complete your Magnum experience at Stall 78 Fruity Magnum and proudly show it off to your friends. Plus, Fruity Magnum has some “Instagrammable” aesthetic qualities too.


Fruity Magnum (1)

Fruity Magnum (3)

Fruity Magnum (4)

Fruity Magnum (2)