Teaspoon【123, Invite You for Pizza!】

By Admin on Nov 10, 2016

Teaspoon offered you yet another special offer! For the 11th, 12th, and 13th November, Share THIS Post and you’ll get exciting offers as stated! If you’re a huge fan of Pizza, then you cannot afford to miss this!!

【Kuching OFFER Update】22 Offer That You Cannot Miss This November!

By Admin on Nov 3, 2016

Price of petrol and cooking oil increase but SALARY no increase? No need to eat liaw lo….. WRONG! Let Teaspoon tell you how to still eat like a BOSS with these 21 offers available in Kuching!

Offer That You Can Get in KUCHING!

By Admin on Oct 20, 2016

It’s getting close to the end of October, if you’re already running low on cash but still want to eat like a King (or Queen), you mustn’t miss this!

The FINAL Batch of RM10 Voucher is up!!!

By Admin on Sep 30, 2016

There's not much holidays in October, there's nothing much going on in October? WRONG!!! Teaspoon has prepared a special offer like none other!!

PIZZA HUT Introduces Amazing Take-Away Promo to WOW Sarawak Fans!

By Admin on Sep 8, 2016

Pizza Hut Sarawak has recently introduced the amazing ‘WOW Take-Away RM6’ personal size pizzas for all Sarawak consumers.