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【Teaspoon Special Recommendation】Cambodian Cuisine @ Grill Wine Cafe

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【Teaspoon Special Recommendation】Cambodian Cuisine @ Grill Wine Cafe


If your dream is to travel the world and try out the foods all over the world, you can start at Kuching and your first stop is, authentic Cambodian cuisine at GWC~~


I’m sure Cambodian cuisine is new to most of you. But, trust me when I say you’ll love Cambodian cuisine very much once you tried them here, at Grill Wine Cafe. Also, remember to redeem your 20% discount when you join as GWC’s membership in the Teaspoon App Loyalty Rewards.


Now, let’s introduce you some of their signature dishes~~


The first dish is the A-Mok, this dish is one of the traditional food of Cambodians. A-Mok is actually a curry dish and it has very rich and pleasant aroma of spices. Despite being a curry dish, it is not very spicy which makes it a perfect dish for everyone. We had the Fish A-Mok and the fish is very tender and chewy and pairs really well with the curry.




Fish is usually used to cook A-Mok, but you can choose to have it cooked with chicken and seafood. Which I promise you will taste amazing as well.


The next dish that we would like to recommend you is the Cambodian Red Chicken Curry. The spiciness of this dish is not as hot as the name implies, but instead this curry dish has a slight sweet taste. Just like the A-Mok, this red curry also has strong aroma from the spices.



This curry comes with carrot, eggplant, potato, green bean, onion, coconut milk, and boneless chicken. Other than the fragrance and the aroma from the spices, the chicken meat is also very tender and juicy~~ The tenderness of the chicken is so amazing that it is almost impossible to describe it in words!


Then there’s the Cambodian Grilled Beef Salad. This dish is yet another common traditional food from Cambodia.



One bite of this salad and your mouth will explode with the many layers of fragrance and texture the dish has. Peanuts, lemon juice, beef, and different types of greens and herbs all mix together to create a dense-packed ‘aroma-bomb’ that will leave you speechless before chomping down on the whole plate of salad. However, do note that if you’re not a fan of Coriander, you might want to ask them to leave that out from your dish.


And finally we have the Beef Lok Lak, which is basically a Cambodian style wok-fried beef and rice. The presentation may look simple, but I can tell you the taste is not ordinary at all~ The beef without doubt is tender and juicy (and chewy), but what makes this beef so special is that other than the brown sauce made of beef stock that is rinsed on top of the beef, you can also dip the beef in a special black pepper sauce that is very appetizing and delicious~~  




Having an experience dining at GWC will definitely surprise you. Other than the superb food, they also offer their customers very good customer service. We loved the food here, and we definitely, 100% recommend that YOU also try out their food.


Looking for Cambodian food? We have them here in Kuching at Grill Wine Cafe, GWC~~

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