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【Kuching Must Eat】 Kim Joo Kolo Mee @ Carpenter Street

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【Kuching Must Eat】 Kim Joo Kolo Mee @ Carpenter Street


For a city that is famous for its Kolo Mee, we would usually have our own favourite stall for a steaming bowl of Kolo Mee. For many Kuchingites, it’s this small kopitiam at Carpenter Street that’ve been operating since 1958, Kim Joo.


Kim Joo is famous for the “Zheng” and, of course, the Kolo Mee. “Zheng” is what Kuchingites call the Mixed Pork Soup, which usually comes with a bowl of “kosong” noodle. The soup is rich with the aroma from the bean sprouts and is full of ingredients such as the chewy meatballs, pork, and the “spare parts”. Spare Parts, if you're not familiar with the terms, means the internal organs of pork such as pork liver, pork intestine, and etc. But worry not, because they are all usually cleaned very thoroughly to remove the smell. 





Other than the Zheng, you can also try their Noodle Special which is loaded with a lot of ingredients on top of the perfectly cooked Kolo Mee.




Of course, they also have the Char Sio Kolo Mee waiting for you. The Char Sio is very tender and juicy, making it the perfect companion for the delicious noodles. All the dry noodles come with a bowl of bean sprout soup which helps to lighten the heavy dish. Those who don't take bean sprout really need to stay away from this extra soup given as the smell will be unbearable for you... XD 



Kim Joo is open Daily from 6.30 until 2pm, except Mondays which they are closed.




Kim Joo started it's operating way way back. This document framed here is the business license from back then the British was still in charge. And you will notice that most of the shops along Carpenter Street and Jalan Main Bazaar will also have the same document. That is if they are still preserving it well like Kim Joo. 




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Kim Joo
94, Carpenter St, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia