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Oishi Japanese Restaurant? Oishii Desu~~

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Welcome, いらっしゃいませ ~~(irasshaimase)


Even before you step in the restaurant, you will already be overwhelmed by the Japanese culture of the restaurant from the mural on the glass panels, when you step into the restaurant, you will be greeted with the friendliness of the staff and yet again overwhelmed by the ambience of Oishi Japanese Restaurant.





With over 10 years experience in Japanese cuisine, the Head Chef, Steven is an culinary expert with polished technique from the knife works to barbeque skill. All these techniques ensures the ingredients to be used to its fullest potential.


Most people would think of sashimi and sushi when Japanese cuisine is mentioned, but one other thing that can represent Japanese cuisine is the beef. The Ribeye Steak here at Oishi is way beyond words. The beef is so soft that once you chew, the beef instantly splits apart and burst it goes the juice and flavours of the beef that is locked within. You could also opt for Wagyu Beef to be used for this dish, but the price will be higher...




The Sashimi are all sliced on the spot to ensure the freshness of the seafood to be preserved as much as possible before being delivered into your mouth.




Of course, there’s also the Kaisen Kami Nabe that we recently posted in our Facebook Page. Fresh ingredients such as prawns and salmon and many others is placed on top of a piece of paper, which will then be placed on top of a wire mesh. You can then choose to have either Miso, Shoyu, or Kimchi soup poured on the paper “pot” before the stove beneath is lit. Then you only need to wait until the flame goes off to ensure that the pot of ingredients are perfectly cooked.





If you’re here at Oishi, you must not miss the Golden Roll which is a hidden item that is not on the menu. Thin slices of mango is placed on top of prawn sushi roll. The thin slices of mango melts instantly as soon as it touches your tongue, and you can then instantly feel the mild sweetness from the mango merge together with the sushi roll in your mouth.





For something lighter, try the Ebi Avocado Salad. Fresh vegetable and perfectly ripe avocado matched with fresh prawns and then rinsed with some sesame sauce to present you with an irresistible salad.




At Oishi, you could also enjoy delicious sides such as the fluffy and sweet Dashi Tamago, sour and spicy Kimchi, crispy Ebi Harumaki, and refreshing and light Edamame.

















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