[Kuching Festival]

[Multi-Flavored You Cha Kuehs!] @ Stall 79 思厨香 (Kuching Festival 2019)

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A staple at the morning market, you cha kueh is best eaten on its own or with porridge. Some even dip it in hot coffee. You can also find it being served with bowls of piping hot bak kut teh. But have you eaten flavored you cha kueh with different kinds of fillings before? No? Then head to Stall 79 思厨香 at Kuching Festival as they will surprise you with different types of you cha kueh, from sweet to savoury ones!


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Stall 79 has their own shop selling traditional pastries and you cha kueh located in Sekama called “思厨香”, previously known as “新泉香”. The you cha kueh they sell at Kuching Festival have 3 different flavors, original, strawberry, and pandan. And for the fillings, they have 4 sweet ones and 5 savoury ones. We had the “Disney Princess” you cha kueh which has aromatic creme brulee filling, topped with fresh mango, strawberries, and longans. One bite of the you cha kueh, and you will taste a plethora of flavors bursting in your mouth!


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So “jio” your family & friends to Kuching Festival tonight and head to Stall 79 思厨香 to try their Instagrammable you cha kuehs!