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[One Sip & They Will Blow Your Mind!] @ Kuching Festival Drink Stall (Kuching Festival 2019)

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Our love for the nostalgic flavor of the White Rabbit candy has spurred creative ways of incorporating the sweet delight into other desserts. We have White Rabbit Milk Tea, White Rabbit Ice Cream, White Rabbit Gelato, White Rabbit Cake, etc. If you’re a milk tea kinda person, then head to Kuching Festival Drink Stall tonight to get yourself a White Rabbit Milk Tea.


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Kuching Festival Drink Stall melts their white rabbit candy then turn it into cups and cups of White Rabbit Milk Tea. One mouthful and you’ll immediately be reminded of your childhood times. How nostalgic. 


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Besides the White Rabbit Milk Tea, Kuching Festival Drink Stall also serves the famous Fire Tiger Roar Milk Tea from Thailand. It contains brown sugar syrup, plump brown sugar boba pearls, and fragrant milk tea. The key-selling point, is the additional layer of flame torched caramel. Before you devour the drink, make sure you Instagram it first!


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So head to Kuching Festival tonight with your family & friends to try these special drinks from the Kuching Festival Drink Stall.


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