Kuching Must Eat

【Dinosaur Burger (MONSTER or TOWER?!) - The Kuching Style!】

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Whether it is beef, pork, chicken or lamb, it sure taste good with it sandwiched between two warm buns and fixed with a variety of fresh vegetables, sweet savoury condiments, as well as other add-on ingredients. Sinful? Yes. Fattening? Yes again. But lik

【Delicious Hakka Delicacies - The Kuching Style! 】

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Hakka cuisine, or Kuh-chia cuisine, is the cooking style of the Hakka people. There are now numerous restaurants in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia serving Hakka cuisine. Let us now introduce to you these delectable Hakka d

【Afternoon Tea - The Kuching Style! 】

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Hello fellow Kuchinglangs! Do you often find your stomach growling during odd daylight hours or between lunch and dinner? Im pretty sure thats a YES because...so do we! And the perfect way to tone down those hunger pangs is to have Afternoon Tea/High Tea!

Total of Ten episode of Ally Food Diary 60 Seconds Food Discovery 2018

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Thanks to Vivo Smartphone sponsored us for "60 Seconds Food Discovery" shooting! Do you know that, Ally Food Daily was using Vivo V9 for the whole shooting! Starting from today, Ally Food Daily will be upload daily for 10 days in a row! Remember to watch

【7 Wonders of Kota Samarahan 2018】

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Planning to escape from the hustle and bustle of Kuching city? Then drive up to Kota Samarahan with your family friends this weekend and start a food hunting trip! Our team has created this 7 Wonders of Kota Samarahan guide so you wont have to crack your