Kuching Must Eat

Kuching Must Eat: Hap Hap Hin @ Kenyalang

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Other than Kolo Mee Laksa, theres one other dish that all Kuchingites love, yep, thats right! Its the Tomato Kueh Tiaw. You really can find them almost at every corners around Kuching. Just like Kolo Mee Laksa, we Kuchingites can enjoy Tomato Kueh Tiaw

【Munch Cafe: The One Stop for Breakfast & Lunch!】

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When everyone is satisfied with a bowl of Kolo Mee for breakfast, Munch Cafe offered Kuchingites a new range of breakfast that is just simply irresistible! Why? Easy! Because other than having Noodles and Wanton, Munch Cafe offer delicious in-house baked

【Kuching Must Eat: Hui’s Hainan Chicken Rice】

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Chicken Rice is one of the best comfort food for us Kuchingites, and if youre looking for authentic Hainanese Chicken Rice, then we would like to introduce you this crazy famous and delicious Hainanese Chicken Rice made by a pure Hainanese! The recipe

【Kuching Must Eat】Best Waffles & Ice Cream in Town!

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We Kuchingites used to have waffles with kaya, butter, and some other spreads. But when Dot Waffles and Desserts Cafe began its operation back in May 2014, theyve completely changed the game and instantly became well known and loved by many. Even now, Dot

【Kuching Must Eat】Kolo Mee with 33 Years Experience!

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Little Skill (the name of the restaurant) is a whole new place to enjoy delicious Kolo Mee made by an experienced Kolo Mee operator! If youve been to Kenyalang to fill your regular craving for a bowl of Kolo Mee, then youll probably be familiar with the n