[Kuching Festival]

【Authentic Polo Bun is at Kuching Fest!】

By Jing Yi on Jul 31, 2017

You can get an authentic Polo Bun just like the one in Hong Kong right here in Kuching Fest! What makes a good Polo Bun? A buttery crust and a soft center! The bun is cut into half and holds a thick slice of cold butter. It’s big enough to fit into the palm of your hand, and only costs RM7!




Other than this traditional method, they also serve the perfect “Fire and Ice” combo! Two large scoops of ice cream in the Polo Bun is a hot and cold treat you will want to try. Chocolate, Vanilla, Yam and Green Tea are some of the flavours they offer. They also sprinkle crushed Oreos on the ice cream!







If you wanna fill your tummy with a good dessert, make sure you visit Stall 89 to get these Polo Bun treats! 





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