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【Whak Whak SMOOTH &SILKY Soya Custard ㄟ(≧∀≦ㄟ)】

By Jing Yi on Aug 11, 2017

What is it? TAUFU FA! If you love Soya Custard, you should get this at the Drink Stall Booth 2’s【Whak Whak Soya Custard】! It’s seriously super smooth and silky! You can tell just from the photos~


DSC_0295 copy

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Their new treat is super special: Matcha Black Sticky Rice Soya Custard!╰(*´︶`*)╯Yes, you read that right, they put Matcha inside the soya custard! The fragrance of the matcha and the black sticky rice mixed with the silky, light soya custard will make you want more, more more~


DSC_0214 copy

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DSC_0259 copy


They also have other flavours such as just the Original, with Gula Apong and even Milo! But our 2 other recommendations are the Black Sticky Rice Soya Custard (their signature!) and the Guilinggao + Soya Custard! ♡ (〃∀〃)~♡


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Healthy bonus point: there’s NO GYPSUM POWDER in the Soya Custard! It is also only just lightly sweetened, so when you eat it, it is super refreshing ♡(─‿‿─)♡ Get some at Drink Stall Booth 2 today oh~


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