[Kuching Festival]

[Just Looking At These Waffles On A Stick Will Give You Emoji Heart Eyes!] @ Stall 79 The Food Box (Kuching Festival 2019)

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Jul 27, 2019

WOW! Ever seen a waffle on a stick? No? And it looks just like a popsicle! Tempted to try one now? Just head to Kuching Festival tonight and look for Stall 79 The Food Box!


IMG_4562 copy

IMG_4507 copy


We just wanna say these waffles on a stick coated with various toppings taste so good, you don’t even feel guilty after devouring them! They have 6 sweet flavors to choose from (almond, oreo, strawberry, matcha, chocolate & sweet potato) and 1 savoury flavor which is the chicken floss. The almond, oreo, strawberry, and matcha are coated with white chocolate as the base except for the sweet potato. And the chicken floss is coated with mayonnaise as the base.



IMG_4559 copy

IMG_4556 copy

IMG_4561 copy

IMG_4628 copy

IMG_4629 copy


Not only these waffles on a stick are a delicious treat, what’s best is that you won’t have any sticky hands! How convenient right? And you can do it for the gram too! Just imagine how pretty your Instagram feed will look ‘cos of the colors.  


So “jio” your family & friends to Stall 79 The Food Box tonight and try these mouthwatering waffles on a stick. 


Tonight will be introducing new flavour and its related to the Japanese rice cake! Wishing you all for the future successes!