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[So Chickilicious & Fingerlicious!] @ Chickilicious Gala City

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Dec 27, 2019

Attention Kuchingnites! Are you ready to taste some DELICIOUS fried chicken and REFRESHING bubble tea drinks? Because Chickilicious finally opened its Kuching outlet at Gala City! 


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Chickilicious is  famous for their fried chicken that has 10 flavours to choose from and a wide variety of bubble tea drinks. Step inside and soak in the cozy vibe that the restaurant gives off. Every corner of the restaurant is very instagrammable as well. We love how the whole place looks very energetic and cheerful due to the bright colors of the interior. With an indoor air-conditioning and outdoor smoking area, customers can choose wherever they prefer to chill. 


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Now, let us move on to the food. Highly recommended would be from their “Signature Collection”. You can opt for Crunchy Noodles (RM9.50), Signature Golden Crispy (RM9.50) or Juicy Lemonade (RM9.50). The Crunchy Noodles is definitely something new in Kuching. We nicknamed it as “Maggi Chicken”. LOL. Take one bite and you’ll feel the crunchiness of the skin and juicy meat in your mouth. A reminder, to really get the best out of this or any of their fried chicken, always consume ASAP! We also highly recommend their Fire Roasted ribs. Priced at RM6.50, it is amazingly yummy! Choose any kinds of flavour and it’ll still taste good! As for beverages, go for their Signature Ultra Lemon (RM8.90). This drink is a real game changer because after eating all that fried food, you just want to wash it down with something cool and refreshing. Besides the listed food and beverage, do try out the rest of their menu as well. 


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So “jio” your family & friends to Chickilicious at Gala City this weekend and try out their food and beverages! 

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Chickilicious Gala City
S10 & S11, Ground Floor, Gala City Commercial Center, Taman Daya, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak.