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正港台灣味飄香來古晉 解饞時刻@飯王Saradise

By Kho Jia Yuan on Mar 7, 2020

Either you are from Taiwan or have been staying in Taiwan before, the dishes served byRice Kings Taiwanese Chef will remind you of the experience of life in Taiwan. The words that would ooze from your heart will be wow, this is the Taiwanese daily meal th

A place to heal your heart in Kuching. Biddy’s is always ready to serve you.

By Jocelyn Mok on Feb 22, 2020

Located in Stutong Avenue, the shop lots area that is opposite One TJ, Biddys cafe is the first healing cafe concept that had launched Kuching in this Romantic Month by a group of passionate partners. They have set a cozy and warm cafe, with the main purp

絕對值得您來品嘗的國際品牌酸奶 @Yomie’s Yogurt [有米酸奶]11/1正式營業!

By Jocelyn Mok on Jan 7, 2020

每日新鮮釀造, 用心製作,天然材料,一個酸奶發酵流程有著11個步驟, 耗時14個小時, 無添加防腐劑, 一律採用新鮮進口水果, 奶源都來自澳紐兩國, 季節性推新口味, 保證您喝到的[有米酸奶]都是最新鮮,最天然, 最美味有嚼感的健康飲品. 每一杯都是王牌, 口口讓人回味. 有米酸奶在澳洲悉尼走紅後.本月強勢來襲. 在古晉完美出擊,隆重的場Cityone Megamall. 兩間店面,二合為一. 室內裝潢走的是日系的花藝世界, 舒適優雅.只要您是忠實客戶, 店面的花藝擺設您對上眼後, 還可以跟老闆們協

[Mmm… Yummy Soup + Mees!] @ Soup + Mees Gala City

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Dec 31, 2019

Pork soup noodles are one of the most widely sought after dish in Kuching. Due to the pork soups generous ingredients and hearty nature, its best enjoyed during breakfast or lunch. A delicious bowl of pork soup strongly relies on its flavoursome soup, fo

[So Chickilicious & Fingerlicious!] @ Chickilicious Gala City

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Dec 27, 2019

Attention Kuchingnites! Are you ready to taste some DELICIOUS fried chicken and REFRESHING bubble tea drinks? Because Chickilicious finally opened its Kuching outlet at Gala City! Chickilicious is famous for their fried chicken that has 10 flavours to