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[Mmm… Yummy Soup + Mees!] @ Soup + Mees Gala City

By Ashley Sim May Yee on Dec 31, 2019

Pork soup & noodles are one of the most widely sought after dish in Kuching. Due to the pork soup’s generous ingredients and hearty nature, it’s best enjoyed during breakfast or lunch. A delicious bowl of pork soup strongly relies on its flavoursome soup, followed by the plethora amount of porky ingredients (intestine, liver, pork slices, etc.) If you’re hunting down the best pork soup & noodles in town, you’re at the right place because we’re about to introduce to you a new kid in town called Soup + Mees. 


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Located at Gala City (opposite Gala Corner), Soup + Mees is an open air restaurant. On weekdays, the place is always crowded during noon time due to the working adults around the area. On weekends, families usually crowd the place. Seats are quite limited so be there early to secure your seats!


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Their menu consists of a variety of food and beverages. Highly recommended would be the ‘Personal Special with Various Meats’ (RM10). The slices of meat are so soft and tender that comes with sweet soup which is made from bones and without adding any MSG. The noodle we had was the Homemade Ramen. Very QQ and umami! We also tried the ‘Super Soup with Various Types of Innards’ (RM15). It comes in a large bowl which consists of different types of innards. Perfect for innards lover and good for sharing as well. As for beverages, we highly recommend the special drinks. We had the ‘Fluffy Bubbly Coffee’ (RM3.50), ‘Fluffy Bubbly Milk Tea’ (RM3.50), and ‘Fluffy Bubbly Milo’ (RM4.50). We were impressed by how the foam can last long. Give yourself a “foam-stache” and instagram it! Take one sip and you will be on cloud 9 because the drink is just amazingly delicious!


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What are you waiting for? “Jio” your friends & family to Soup + Mees this weekend and try their food and special beverages! Don’t forget to instagram! 

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Soup + Mees Kuching @ Gala City
SL56, Ground Floor, Gala City, Jalan Tun Jugah, 93350 Kuching, Sarawak.