Kuching Festival

【MOUTHWATERING Yong Wang Grilled Fish is at Kuching Fest】 _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):_

By Jing Yi on Aug 3, 2017

Where to eat grilled fish at Kuching Fest? Its the first stall on your right when you walk through the front gate! Thats Stall 29s Yong Wang Grilled Fish. I found it when I followed the sambal smell there. The stingray is sold in thick pieces, grilled

【Kuching Fest LOW FAT Matcha Ice Cream!】

By Jing Yi on Jul 31, 2017

Gelato Italianos Matcha Ice Cream from last year is back! They promise that you wont gain weight from eating this~ If you are a Matcha Lover, take note of this! There are actually two types of Matcha flavours. If you like a heavier Matcha taste, go fo

【Authentic Polo Bun is at Kuching Fest!】

By Jing Yi on Jul 31, 2017

You can get an authentic Polo Bun just like the one in Hong Kong right here in Kuching Fest! What makes a good Polo Bun? A buttery crust and a soft center! The bun is cut into half and holds a thick slice of cold butter. Its big enough to fit into the pal

【Kuching Fest Best-Selling Portuguese Egg Tart is BACK!】

By Jing Yi on Jul 31, 2017

Yummy Yangs Macau Version Portuguese Egg Tart from last years Kuching Fest is back! If youve missed it last year, come on down to Stall 162 to get a taste. Theyve been working to improve their recipe all year so you can have a better-tasting Egg Tart

【Japanese Chargrilled Sanma Fish is in Kuching Fest!】

By Jing Yi on Jul 30, 2017

What do we have here? A Japanese Sanma fish thats as long as my forearm! At Stall 82, the Sanma Fish are imported from Japan. This means its super fresh. The meat is tender and there are crisp char marks on the skin. Theres a special sauce that the ta