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【Kuching Fest LOW FAT Matcha Ice Cream!】

By Jing Yi on Jul 31, 2017

Gelato Italiano’s Matcha Ice Cream from last year is back! They promise that you won’t gain weight from eating this~





If you are a Matcha Lover, take note of this! There are actually two types of Matcha flavours. If you like a heavier Matcha taste, go for the 100% Super Concentrated Matcha! Otherwise, you can also get the 50% Concentrated Matcha. 




And guess what? You can have two mixed flavours at a time! You can mix and match your Matcha ice cream with Dragon Fruit, Strawberry, Mama Cookies, Dark Chocolate and other varieties~ And the Dragon Fruit ice cream is 0% fat! We recommend the Super Concentrated Matcha + Dragon Fruit combination!


If you have a sweet tooth but are watching your weight, this low fat ice cream is the dessert of your choice! Come find Gelato Italiano at Stall 112 tonight~





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