Kuching Festival

【Kuching Fest’s BIG PORTION Potato Cheezy Ball!】

By Jing Yi on Jul 30, 2017

Whats the new holiao in Kuching Fest? Let us tell you about this Potato Cheezy Ball! Where can you find it? When you walk through the front entrance, on your left, you will see The Food Box at Stall 7. These super cheezy treats are super worth it. Fo

【Kuching Festival NEW Treats!】SCALLOP Skewers \(*T▽T*)/ワーイ♪

By Jing Yi on Jul 30, 2017

They were super popular at Kuching Fest last year with their Japanese grilled skewers. Yep, its Yakitori! This year they have something new for you~ One skewer has 3 scallops! The texture is both tender and springy. Another new item on their counte

【Kuching Fest’s TALLEST American Cone Ice Cream】

By Jing Yi on Jul 29, 2017

Let us treat you to something new at Kuching Fest this year! Check out this super TALL ice cream at Stall 12A~ With just the cone, there are sooo many choices! The base is either Red Velvet or Charcoal, and completely handmade! The top of the cone is

【Kuching Fest’s Japanese Loooonnggggest Potato】

By Jing Yi on Jul 29, 2017

Its 30cm long! Dont know how long that is? Its the length of a long ruler! The Japanese Longest Potato has 11 types of sauces and toppings! From Cheesy Mayo, Honey BBQ, Honey Mustard, Wasabi Mayo to Mango Thai and so much more! If youre into heavy flavo

【Kuching Fest’s Super Soft Custard Cream Puff】

By Jing Yi on Jul 29, 2017

Do you remember last years Matcha and Cheese Tart by Eggtart Workshop? Theyre back this year with a new treat: Custard Cream Puff! Just look at it and you know its going to be just as popular as last years~ There are three main layers to this Cream P