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[I SCREAM 4 ICE CREAM! STALL 22 i-Stick @ Kuching Festival]

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There's no denying the fact that ice cream is our wonderful saviour when it comes to defending against the might and pride of the scorching sun. The sheer feeling of iciness, gliding down your throat while you savour its rich, sweet and drug-like addictive flavors is truly one of a kind. Hence, you should not miss out on getting an ice cream or even multiple ice creams from i-Stick at Stall 22.


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i-Stick has established a strong reputation at Kuching Festival with their gelato popsicles that are prepared from various kinds of delicious flavors. Among the recommended ones include Korean Milk Bean, Pink Lady, Hershey’s Double Chocolate, Matcha Cheese, Durian, and Red Velvet Cheese. Apart from the punch of flavours your palate revel in, the cute and catchy designs of the gelato popsicles itself clamours to pick it up. Who does not love a smiling durian gelato pop to chase away Monday blues?


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So come on over to Stall 22 i-Stick and get yourself a gelato popsicle. Get another one if you need to (you will)!